Tom Holland Reveals the Conditions for Him to Reprise His Role as Spider-Man

Betty Hose

Published on:

Tom Holland recently addressed the possibility of playing Spider-Man again at a press conference. He mentioned that he feels protective over the character and wants to do justice to the role. He emphasized that he won’t make another movie just for the sake of it, but would love to tell another story if the right one is found.

Holland also expressed his love for the character and the people he gets to work with, including his girlfriend Zendaya, who plays MJ in the movies. The couple recently showed some rare public display of affection, and Zendaya revealed her preference for keeping their relationship private.

She mentioned that while parts of her life are public, she chooses what to share and wants to protect her peace. She emphasized the importance of not being afraid to exist and navigate her life.

Holland’s future as Spider-Man remains uncertain, but he is open to the possibility of returning to the role if the right story is found. His relationship with Zendaya remains private, and they both prioritize protecting their peace and navigating their lives.

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