Tommy Wiseau Unveils Trailer for Big Shark, His Upcoming Film

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Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the infamous 2003 cult classic The Room, has returned with a new movie called Big Shark. The film’s trailer, which you can watch here, promises to be as memorable as Wiseau’s previous works.

According to Variety, the movie revolves around a giant shark that wreaks havoc in New Orleans. It’s up to a group of brave firefighters to put an end to the destruction before the city becomes a smorgasbord for the ocean beast.

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Wiseau is starring in the movie alongside Isaiah LaBorde and Mark Valeriano. He is also the writer and director of this shark-infested thriller. The movie will debut on April 2nd, with a premiere screening at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon.

Fans of Wiseau’s work will undoubtedly be excited by the prospect of Big Shark. The trailer has already been shown at recent theatrical screenings of The Room, and Wiseau plans to appear in person at the “Pre Premier” screenings.

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Despite his movies’ less-than-stellar critical reception, Wiseau has refused to let criticism get him down. He attends Q&As at specialty screenings all over the country and even sells merchandise through his official website.

Wiseau’s first feature, The Room, is famous for being a “so-bad-it’s-good” movie. It tells the story of Johnny, a successful banker in San Francisco, and his fiancée Lisa, who ends up seducing his best friend after getting bored of Johnny. The Disaster Artist, a book by co-star Greg Sestero documenting his experience making the movie with Wiseau, was adapted into a film by James Franco in 2017, earning an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.

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