Too Hot to Handle season 3 Everything you need to know

Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle is finally streaming o Netflix, and many of us have watched the third season of Netflix originals. It has introduced us to a brand new mix batch of naughty singletons. With that said, we also got to know that one of the Too Hot to handle season 3 contestants could walk away with a maximum of $200,000. But in the history of Too Hot to Handle, no contestant has ever won the full prize because they have been fined for any sexual contact.

In fact, just a few months ago, the winner of Season 2, Marvin, walked away with prize money of $55,000. The full prize money was $100,000, but he did, and this is a decent amount he won considering all the rule breaks. Now, coming back to Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, we will see some people retained as friends and some as love pairings by the end of the show. All fans are eager to know what happens next in the show, who will be the winner and other doubts.

Here’s everything you need to know about Too Hot To Handle season3:

Who Is Lana In Too Hot To Handle?

Lana is the virtual assistant of the show. Her voice was created by an expert’s tea, and her script is programmed by the producers of the show. The producers watch the contestants regularly, constantly and feed the instructions into the digital device. Lana has always been famous amongst the contestants of the show as she is one who is there to instruct them for the things.

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What time does Too Hot to Handle come out?

According to the reports, all of the ten episodes of Too Hot To Handle season 3 will be released on Netflix. All of the episodes have arrived on the streaming site on Wednesday 19th January at 8 Am. In the previous years, season 2 was released in some little batches, but this year the makers have released all the episodes in one go. So, fans can binge-watch all the episodes together on any one day they wish to. The series is available to stream on Netflix.

Too Hot To Handle season 3 Release Date 

The series Too Hot To handle season 3 was confirmed to release by Wednesday 19th January. The streaming giant Netflix also announced the news in a teaser clip, which you can watch below. On Tuesday, 24th August, Netflix also announced that Too Hot To Handle season 3 will arrive this winter on other entertainment formats.

The vice president for Netflix’s unscripted and documentary series confirmed the news of a third season. In fact, while giving an interview to a media portal, he said: “The secret is out – we’re thrilled to bring back Too Hot to Handle for two new seasons in a tropical paradise.”

Furthermore, the second and third series were cast and shot under the title Parties in Paradise. The reason behind this was that the contestants didn’t know what they were actually signing up for.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 contestants

Everything You Need to Know About Too Hot to Handle season 3

With the help of our sources, we have gathered the lineup of contestants for the show. Have a look at the below-mentioned list:

  • Beaux, 24, from Kent, UK
  • Georgia, 26, from Brisbane, Australia
  • Harry, 29, from Middlesborough, UK
  • Holly, 23, from Colorado, USA
  • Izzy, 22, from Manchester, UK
  • Jaz, 25, from Virginia, USA
  • Nathan, 25, from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Patrick, 29, from Hawaii, USA
  • Stevan, 26, from LA, USA
  • Truth, 23, from Texas, USA
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They were all the members of the Too Hot To Handle season 3 of the show and were titled Retreat Guests.

Where Is The Series Too Hot To Handle Filmed?

Too Hot to Handle season 3 was filmed in Turks and Caicos where the show was also filmed for the second season. The Selling Sunset actor Christine Quin also gave viewers glimpses of the new Too Hot to Handle Villa that is located in Turtle Tail Estates. The estate has also accommodated the celebrity guests such as P Diddy and Rihanna. Season 1 of the show was filmed in a private estate in Mexico.

As far as the host of the show is concerned, we will again get Chloe Veitch to be the host of Too Hot to Handle’s spin-off show. The show first aired on the Netflix UK YouTube channel.

Who Ends Up Together in Too Hot To Handle Season 3?

There were several hookups in this season of the show, whether be it a short makeout session or they were actually sleeping together. After all of this, the only two couples who left the retreat together were Harry and Beaux and Holly and Nathan. It is currently unclear to use whether Izzy and Jackson left the retreat as a couple or not. What we do know is that they were quite much into each other. But sexually, every contestant of the show left the retreat single. Also, it’s been a while since the series was filmed, so the couples of the show might not be together anymore after the show.

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Too Hot to Handle season 3 winners

The last and the newly formed couple, Harry and Beaux, were announced as the winner of season 3 of Too Hot Too Handle. Both of them got announced as winners by the voting process that was done by the other retreat guests of the show. Harry and Beaux also won whopping prize money of $90,000 that split between the two equally. The runner-up of the shows was Nathan and Georgia.

Surprisingly, Harry and Beaux won the show even after love was not their number one pick. But if we go through the entire show journey, they truly deserve to win the show. They both shared a real and genuine connection and showed growth in their relationship. Other house guests of the show also were quite happy to see them as winners and celebrated their win with a bottle of champagne.

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix. You can watch the show, and if you have watched the show already, then do share with us your views on the winners of the show. Are you satisfied with Harry and Beaux winning the show? Or do you want someone else? Do answer us in the comments section below.

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