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Airbnb has more than 5m listings in over 191 countries, making it one of the most popular platforms for finding accommodation. With so many places on offer, there’s no surprise that there are plenty of quirky and unique options to choose from. Here you’ll find the top ten most unique Airbnbs from around the world.

The Seashell House

Airbnb's Seashell House Is the Right Way to Vacation in Mexico

The Seashell House is located in Isla Mujeres in Mexico. Two of the property owner’s close friends designed and built this luxury shell-shaped house — with an outdoor pool included — on her behalf. However, it isn’t just the architecture that gives this unique house its name. The interior design of the property is also shell-inspired, from shell-shaped chairs to shell-shaped beds to shell-bordered mirrors, this place is all about the shells.

NewEarth Haven

Accommodation – New Earth Haven

NewEarth Haven is an eco-dome in Bali. The dome itself is impressive to look at, but another interesting thing to note is that it’s built using bamboo and other natural materials, specifically to nurture the energy of any guests who decide to stay there. It’s perfect for nature lovers as it’s situated in the middle of rice fields overlooking the jungle. It was also built with sustainability in mind, so it has a composting toilet and a water capture.

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Sleep in a plane

Yes, it’s true, you can Sleep in a plane! This renovated plane lies in western France. It’s relatively small and narrow, especially in comparison to a regular house, but surprisingly, it’s big enough to sleep 4 adults. The quirky thing about this accommodation is that although they’ve kitted it out with a bedroom and a kitchen, they’ve kept some of the original features and adapted them. For example, they have installed a table in front of the original passenger seats to create a dining table and chairs. They have also turned the seat in the cockpit into a toilet and used the control lever as a toilet roll holder.

If you’re looking for something to watch while drifting off to sleep in the plane, the newest season of the Grand Tour is all about France. It might give you some ideas of where to spend your days between dream flights.

Architectural Wonder in the Woods 

This Architectural Wonder in the Woods is another eco-friendly retreat, but this time it’s located in Rhinebeck, New York, United States. The house was built as part of an artist’s project and is set up exactly as the artist wants it to be. Any funds that are made from Airbnb guests are reinvested in the non-profit art project. The property has been described as a “geometric masterpiece”.

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Luxury & Smart Tiny House

This might be a tiny house but it has a lot to offer, including an infinity swimming pool and a private fire pit with a comfy-cozy seating area. It’s located in one of the best cities in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The city is famous for partying, gambling, fame, and fortune. And if you’re just enjoying the comfort of your tiny house too much to leave, online casinos offer all of the same games as the big resort casinos. Play it here and enjoy Vegas without leaving the couch.

Nolla Cabin

Nolla Cabin was designed by Finnish designer Robin Falck. It’s a 9m2 wooden cabin that represents an approach to living where the focus is more on the outdoors. It aims to challenge and inspire visitors to live with a minimal footprint — simultaneously bringing us closer to a carbon-neutral world.

Terluna: Off-grid Adobe Dome

Terluna is an off-grid solar-powered dome in the desert of far west Texas. One of the most special things about this unique property is that it sits in one of the few remaining territories under a dark sky ordinance. This means that the views are unmatched. You will have a clear view of the stars in the night sky, and a completely unobstructed view of the majestic sunrises and sunsets.

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Bubble Suite Campera Hotel

The Bubble Suite is part of a twelve-bubble hotel located in Mexico’s most famous wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. Campera Hotel reinvented glamping for those nature lovers who love a bit of luxury. Each bubble is a transparent sphere that provides an incredible 180° views of the surrounding area.

Tente Lodge – Désert Luxury Expérience

Tente Lodge offers a luxury desert stay in the Agafay desert in Morocco. The accommodation is made up of a series of tents, but these aren’t regular tents, they are top-class luxury tents. Each tent is equipped with a king-sized bed, a dressing room, and a private bathroom. Additionally, catering is provided for every meal at the designated restaurant tent.

Splav Drina

Splav in English means raft. So, when you stay at Splav Drina in Bajina Basta located in western Serbia, you are essentially sleeping on a raft, albeit a rather fancy one. The best bit about living on a splav is waking up to a beautiful river view every morning. This particular splav is also surrounded by nature, providing the ultimate in tranquility among the trees and mountains. 

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