Top 3 Canadian Gambling Inspired Movies 

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Top 3 Canadian Gambling Inspired Movies 

Cinema has a significant effect on our lives; it’s a way to communicate, to identify with new styles, and even a lot of learning. It is an art form that transports us to other worlds, presents unknown regions, and, for about two hours, lets us experience different cultures. And that goes even for the betting world.

It is a fact that cinematography around the world deserves attention. However, suppose you still don’t know the Canadian production. In that case, the tip is to take the time to watch some unmissable movies from even more amazing directors who were inspired by the gambling environment and also casinos. Bets can be as fascinating as they are addictive. The thrill of being the winner at a poker table, the joy of seeing money come out of a machine, can be so tempting that even filmmakers find casinos the perfect setting for their productions. While there are many movies about gambling, we’ve selected three that we would consider references for any movie lover.

The Gambler

Top 3 Canadian Gambling Inspired Movies 

The Gambler features Mark Wahlberg in the remake of an acclaimed James Toback drama – starring James Caan in 1974 – directed by Rupert Wyatt, which turned the potentially misguided Planet of the Apes – Inception into a clean shot that restarted the series. The Gambler is a rare adult drama that tackles a controversial topic: the world of compulsive gamblers. Wahlberg is Jim Bennett, a literature professor and successful writer – even if his heyday seems to be a thing of the past. He finds himself in a downward spiral where the risks of taking higher and higher stakes translate into equally heavy debts, involving dangerous loan sharks who stick their necks, and the people he cares about, like his mother (Jessica Lange) and the student he cares about (Brie Larson), at risk.

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After watching this movie, you might want to step into Mark Wahlberg’s shoes and try out some gambling yourself, if so, try out any of the legal gambling sites in Canada to get you started.

Owning Mahowny

Top 3 Canadian Gambling Inspired Movies 

Since the age of 12, Dan Mahowny (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has been a gambling addict, and not a day goes by without placing some kind of bet, whether in casinos, horse racing, or other sports. His pleasure, however, is not in profit but in the exciting action of playing. There are movies where the story is not that attractive, but the presence of a great actor makes the movie interesting. This is the case of “Amazing Obsession.” The film’s plot, involving a banker who cheats to get money for his gambling addiction, isn’t all that interesting, but the film deserves to be seen in the presence of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It’s not one of his best performances, but Hoffman is undoubtedly the best of the movie. His performance, mixing determination, ambition, and even a particular fear of being caught, sustains the story, which is not quite exciting. Next to him, the other actors diminish greatly, especially Minnie Driver, whose character has even little relevance in the story. For the most part, it is a traditional, well-connected film that tells how far the gambling addiction can reach—a good movie.

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Cold Deck Movie 

Top 3 Canadian Gambling Inspired Movies 

The stage takes center stage as the main character, Bobby (Stéfano Gallo), a compulsive young gambler who cares for his ailing mother, Audrey (Kate Trotter). Bobby’s mother disapproves of her son’s tendency to put his money at risk because his father’s life was ruined by gambling. Bobby’s friend and colleague Ben (Kjartan Hewitt) told him about a personal high during one of his days at work. Betting poker table that is hosted by a wealthy man named Turk (Robert Knepper). Ben informs Bobby that the players who participate in these secret high-stakes poker games are easy prey because they are ordinary businessmen and bankers. The main character decides to steal his sick mother’s savings and earn a lot of money. When Bobby enters the tournament, he meets another good poker player named Chips (Paul Sorvino), whom he has already completed. Turk, the man who organized the game, presents himself with a suitcase containing $250,000. However, Bobby realizes that the case is not being kept and could easily steal it if he wanted to. When the game starts, Bobby and Chips quickly eliminate all other players from the competition. In his final hand, Chips comes out as the winner, even without looking at his cards. Finally, Bobby loses all his money against chips.

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