Top 5 Best Payout Slots 2021

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The goal of online gambling is almost always to win money. Therefore players need to check reviews, slot games rankings, and the payout table.

The above will help determine the best-paying slot games. 

Slot Payout Definition

Slots have a return to player (RTP) percentage. An RTP is the average amount of money a player stands a chance of winning.

How Slot Payout Works

If the RTP is 90% and the amount wagered is $100, the player could earn $90.

RTP is also affected by the size of spins in a slot machine. The larger they are, the greater the chances of earning closer to the payout percentage. If you are playing to get your pocket full, then you would likely rather choose a slot with an RTP that is 90% or higher.

Depending on your spins and time spent on the game, the amount one wins could be far less or far greater than the stated average amount.

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5 Features To The Best Payout Slots

New players can take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered at Wildz Casino to navigate the gaming world. However, to get high payouts, here are some things to look out for:


As explained above, the RTP determines how high a player’s chances of winning are and the reward amount. One should bear in mind that there is always a house edge in slots. 

In opposition to the RTP, a house edge is the average amount that remains with the casino. If the RTP is 95%, then the house edge is 5%.


Volatility is the payout frequency, also known as the variance of slot games. It refers to how often a slot gives away jackpots and the size of its rewards.

It ranges from low to high variance. Low variance slots have minor jackpots with frequent wins. It takes longer to win prizes in high variance slots, but it shows when you hit the jackpot. 

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Hit Frequency

This is the likelihood of hitting a winning combination. However, it does not consider the stake. For instance, betting in a single payline may take several spins to win, while multiple paylines can get you frequent but small wins.

Loose Slots

When you see casinos advertising their slots as the loosest, it means they have a high RTP and hit frequency. This means higher chances of winning large sums of money.

Progressive Jackpots

Every gambler’s dream is to hit the jackpot someday. Progressive jackpots are a combination of a small amount taken from every bet until someone wins.

A high RTP is the most important factor when considering the best payout slot. It guarantees a high likelihood of winning a large amount of money. So, even if you do not score yourself millions, at least you go home with a substantial amount of money.

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