Top 5 Entry Level Marketing Jobs for New College Graduates

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Top 5 Entry Level Marketing Jobs for New College Graduates

There are many entry-level positions available to college graduates who majored in international marketing, marketing or marketing research, actuarial or management science, business statistics or any other marketing-related major. An entry-level marketing position is the starting point of a college graduate’s dream career. Below are the top five entry-level marketing jobs that would be of interest to new college graduates.

Marketing Assistant

A marketing assistant is involved in the processing of marketing strategies from the beginning to the end. Under the supervision of a marketing executive or marketing manager, a marketing assistant completes tasks that range from writing web content and press releases to communicating with the public and updating clients about the company’s product or service. Marketing assistants also have responsibilities like collecting data for marketing research projects, planning promotional events, managing marketing plans through a flowchart, and creating invoices for market-related expenses. Marketing assistants are required to support marketing campaigns, some of which are web-related. Administrative support and small tasks like preparing sales conference materials or providing the sales department with marketing reports are also among the list of duties an assistant must fulfill.

A marketing assistant position requires a passion for supporting marketing strategies and diligence. In order to find a marketing assistant job, the graduate must provide a cover letter, resume, and an application packet if the company requires it. Some skills that should be present on the resume are information technology skills, as well as proofreading and copywriting skills. Marketing assistants are given assignments, which they must have editing and writing skills to complete. Marketing plans are often implemented on the basis of the most recent technology, so having IT skills and putting them on a resume is important.

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Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts research and report information that helps a company increase its profits. This is done through surveys that measure customer satisfaction, product testing and observing the company’s competition. Surveys are conducted through the web, mail, focus groups and phone call sessions. Some of a marketing analyst’s duties are to find out and communicate what the customer’s perception is of the product or service, as well as customer needs. They also measure the performance of campaigns and the efficiency of business decisions. Analysts participate in project management and industry analysis. They analyze political, social, economic and technological factors to determine how to improve a company’s profitability. Marketing analysts also create leads by integrating researched data with the customer relationship management, or CRM, system. At the end of each research phase, all of the information and data found is compiled into one report and presented to the company’s Director of Marketing.

In order to find an entry-level marketing analyst job, college graduates must highlight their leadership skills in a cover letter and resume. Basic computer skills and business writing should be emphasized as well.

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Business Development Representative

A business development representative position is great for college graduates who are looking for an entry-level marketing job that requires some independence and entrepreneurial skills. Business representatives take charge in encouraging revenue and cross-selling products to potential customers and clients that already exist. They help to generate leads for products or services. Email initiatives and outbound call sessions are methods they use in doing this. Business development representatives are also required to handle all of the inquiries that come in as a result of marketing campaigns and advertisements on the web.

College graduates must go through the same process to find a business development position as with the other entry-level positions. Graduates who have an understanding and capacity to learn software products and web applications are favored.

Marketing Sales Representative

Marketing sales representatives work closely with customers to help them make sound decisions in purchasing products or services. In addition to finding out what customers want and need, marketing sales representatives organize schedules for shipping products and services and ensuring that customers receive those services with satisfaction. They prepare contracts, proposals and different marketing presentations. Sales representatives are also required to attend seminars, customer appreciation events, trade shows and other marketing events.

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Graduates who are interested in a marketing sales position should look out for other titles because marketing sales representatives are also identified as manufacturer’s agents, sales engineers and retail salespersons. Interpersonal skills are important with this position, so those should be emphasized in a cover letter or resume.

Marketing Account Executive

Marketing account executives develop close relations and account with others who may benefit the business. These contacts include businesses or people. This helps boost revenue for the business in the long run. Account executives assist marketing managers in putting prices on products and classifying them into different categories.

Former students may seek out public relations, sales professional or advertising account executive titles because those positions fit under the marketing category, too. However, the position of the marketing account executive is the job that comes closest to marketing strategies.

Entry-level positions are the first thing college graduates are concerned about when they graduate. Graduates who pursued marketing in their college years have many options in positions to choose from. The five marketing positions mentioned above can be found through an independent job search through job boards and websites, and there are many other job titles that are used to identify those positions, broadening the field of opportunity even further.

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