Top 5 European Countries That Gamblers Adore

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Top 5 European Countries That Gamblers Adore

Despite the fact that the most famous casinos are located in the United States and some countries in Asia, Europe is also a world center for gambling. If you have any doubts about this fact, we are ready to share with you the most attractive places in Europe for gambling enthusiasts.

In recent years, the gambling industry has also evolved in Europe: gambling rooms have begun to appear in different states on the continent. In this regard, we will list the most popular European countries that gambling enthusiasts are going to love. So, if you cannot play your favorite slots at joker times Ca, you can always head to any of the below countries and have fun there.

#1 – Germany

Top 5 European Countries That Gamblers Adore

The German resort of Baden-Baden is located in the very center of Europe and has established itself as a gambling center for both locals and tourists from neighboring states. The casino is part of a huge spa complex covering a hotel with stunning views of the city and its surroundings. As in any other casino, Baden-Baden visitors will find modern slot machines, tables for roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, and many other games.

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#2 – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is already one of the most popular destinations for tourists from around the globe. But it is expensive London casinos that have become the country’s trademark for rich Europeans. A few years ago, in the English city of Birmingham, the largest entertainment complex- Resorts World Birmingham – opened. And its construction cost more than $200 million. The building is home to the UK’s largest casino, shopping mall, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, and bars.

#3 – Portugal

Adored by many tourists, Portugal is a heart of gambling. In particular, thanks to its casino Estoril, located in the coastal resort town of Cascais, a few miles from Lisbon. The best thing about Estoril is that it is one of the largest operating casinos on the continent. The establishment is located practically on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and can boast of the magnificent view.

#4 – Monaco

Obviously, this collection cannot be complete without one of the most popular resorts for the rich from around the globe. The Principality of Monaco is famous not only for its amazing views, round-the-year warm weather, and expensive cars; there is something special for gambling fans as well. The first casino in Monte Carlo was opened in 1870. Today, the establishment houses the Opera House and the National Museum of Fine Arts. It also remains one of the oldest and most popular in the world. In the morning, the establishment functions as a tourist facility, and after 2 p.m., it transforms into a gambling establishment.

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#5 – France

France also boasts the impressive Barrière d’Enghien-Les-Bains casino, located just a couple of miles north of Paris. This establishment was opened in the 1900s and a few years later was turned into a military hospital. Today, inside this establishment, there are not only slot machines and tables for card games but a full-fledged theater with an atrium. 

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