Top 5 Greatest Hockey Movies

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Top 5 Greatest Hockey Movies

Many people enjoy watching National Hockey League games. Hockey seasons do not last all year, and enthusiastic hockey fans find themselves with very few options for entertainment.  Thanks to streaming services, there are countless hockey movies available. Even though you won’t have as much excitement as a real game, you will have approximately 2 hours of entertainment waiting for you. No matter your taste, old school or new, Olympic or pee-wee, there’s a movie for you if you enjoy hockey.

But’ let’s cut the talk, and let’s move to reveiwins some of the best sport movies ever. So take a look at these top 5 greatest hockey movies of all time.

Indian Horse

Canadian film festivals love Indian Horse because it delves into issues that other films about hockey tend to avoid. This novel is about Saul, a Canadian Indian who grows up in the racist, corrupt, and abusive system of residential Canadian Indian schools. Saul has struggled with oppression and racism throughout his life. Despite dealing with severe alcoholism, Saul is an outstanding hockey player regardless of his difficult circumstances and finds purpose despite the challenges he faces.

Slap Shot

A classic comedy movie from the 1970s, Slap Shot is considered to be among the best sposrt titles. In the story, Reggie Dunlop, who is the player-coach for the Charlestown Chiefs, is a minor-league hockey player. The movie is more than anticipating a winning at casino Kingdom. Upon discovering that his team is slated to fall apart at the end of the season, Dunlop unleashes an unexpected weapon: the Hanson Brothers. In a brutal, violent style of play, the brothers cause havoc on the league, causing the Chiefs to realize that even if they can’t score, they can still beat teams up.

Top 5 Greatest Hockey Movies

Les Boys

A 1997 film called Les Boys portrays an amateur hockey team with its players. There’s a lot of comedy in this film because of the immaturity of some of the aging characters. The childish behavior of the players is featured in multiple subplots. Twenty-four years after its release, the movie remains a classic among many fans because it employs some humor that is not acceptable today. If you want to have fun like you would betting on your favorite hockey team at online casinos, this is the perfect movie for you. They have even ranked it among the top, yet still funny sports comedies.

The Rocket

The Rocket, a biopic based on the life of Maurice “The Rocket” Richard, depicts the struggles the hockey star popular among 5 dollar deposit casinos fans, had to overcome in order to rise to the top. As a former Montreal Canadiens player, Richard believes that French Canadian hockey players weren’t treated equally to their English counterparts. A major disagreement has occurred with the NHL president as a result of mistreatment. An amazing look at the story of one of the best sports players of all time, and his impact on hockey.


It is an enforcer-centric sports movie focused on Doug Glatt, a kindhearted bouncer from a smart family. As he watches a junior hockey game, he easily defeats a player from the opposition team who charged at him angrily. The local team’s coach asks Doug to join their team after the fight, even though he has almost no skating or hockey experience because they need someone to enforce their gifted but troubled player. There is a great deal of passion behind the comedy, which adds to the heart and entertaining nature of the film.

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