Top 6 Best Netflix Shows to watch on a first date

Raymond McKinnon

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Stranger Things

Are you single and seeking a partner? Have you tried online dating? Digital matchmaking is taking the world of romance by storm, with more and more sites being launched to accommodate the rising demand. You can arrange to ‘Netflix and chill’ at the tap of a few buttons! So if you’ve recently posed the question – where can I plan a one night stand near me – the answer is simple. Register with a dating website and you’ll arrange get-togethers so conveniently. To boost your confidence, how about considering some Netflix shows for your first date? Here are our top six suggestions.

Stranger Things

This fantasy would be an excellent first date choice – it might be weird and unsettling, but it is edge of the seat entertainment! There are frequent nods to classic 1980s sci-fi and horror – the series creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, frequently pay homage to the work of  Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King. Here a bunch of cute kids, aided by a mysterious girl with telekinetic powers, are searching for a missing friend. But they discover shadowy government agents covering up supernatural entities.

Schitt’s Creek

If you’ve wondered why this series swept the board at the 2020 Primetime Emmies, you should use your date night to find out. The affluent Rose family, headed by Johnny (Eugene Levy – the long-suffering father from the American Pie films) and wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), a former soap star, find themselves broke and eking an existence in a sleepy small town. Their adult children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) may be pretentious, but all the characters are so endearing, this frequently hilarious comedy exudes a homely glow.

Breaking Bad

Walter White (a career-defining performance by Byan Cranston) is an unassuming high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Together with a former student, Jesse (Aaron Paul), he hits upon an idea to ensure his family’s financial stability after his death: dealing crystal meth. Their expertise in marketing this highly lucrative but lethal drug leads them deeper into a murky underworld. The dilemma of a loving family man being forced to walk a tightrope with ruthless business associates makes for compulsive viewing.

The Good Place

Many a drama has conjured up a make-believe vision of what the afterlife might look like. But rarely has it been done with such verve and humor. Ted Danson plays Michael, the heavenly caretaker, and when Eleanor (Kristen Bell) find herself on the other side of mortality, she must deny her immoral behavior when she was alive.

Black Mirror

Everyone takes technology for granted – and how ironic that digital matchmaking has become so popular in this context! But the twist with writer Charlie Brooker’s captivating series is a glimpse into the near future where people have become so reliant on gadgetry that humankind has lost some of its soul. Essentially a very dark comedy, you’ll be captivated by these superbly-written vignettes unfolding at a dizzying pace, with protagonists frequently confronting their black mirrors – the remorseless allure of their smart device screens.

Midnight Mass

No first date night would be complete without a gripping horror. What better excuse to inspire you to nestle closer and leap into each other’s arms?! This Gothic fable is a modern-day take on vampirism, where an isolated coastal community face the stark truth behind their pastor’s disappearance, and the appearance of a much younger firebrand. He heralds the arrival of a Biblical angel who will save the world, although the fact this entity requires human blood to survive indicates a far more sinister truth.

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