TPMP: this joke by Matthieu Delormeau on Céline Dion which shocked!

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TPMP: cette blague de Matthieu Delormeau sur Céline Dion qui a choqué !

The words of Mathieu Delormeau continue to shock viewers. Especially when he attacks Celine Dion on TPMP!

Decidedly, Matthieu Delormeau continues to shock viewers. This Saturday April 30 on TPMP, he made a bad joke on Celine Dion… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Matthieu Delormeau: tensions in the air

In this new season of TPMP, you may have noticed Matthieu Delormeau’s discomfort. The columnist seems exhausted by the tensions within the team itself. He no longer has the same joie de vivre as in previous years.

You were able to witness a chaotic demonstration between himself and Delphine Wespiser. The latter did not mince his words to tell him his four truths.

“Maybe I’ll think about filing a complaint against her for ‘threats’ as a result. It would therefore be time to put the church back in the center of the village. In solidarity with Matthieu, if she attacks him for defamation, I therefore attack him for threats. »

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“Matthieu is poison incarnate. I think he must therefore have a real malaise in him to spread so much hatred around him. He does everything for the buzz, he would be ready to sell his father and his mother for the buzz! »

This last sentence, Matthieu Delormeau did not digest it, because his mother died. And he never really got over it.

Terribly shocked, he simply said, “Okay, let’s stop there. (…) It’s grotesque. She insults my mother who is no longer there (…) I thought there would have been a little substantive debate. We will stop there. »

On social networks, many Internet users take his side. Something quite rare since it is still quite criticized.

TPMP: a joke in bad taste

This Saturday April 30, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau was talked about again on C8. On the occasion of TPMP People, Matthieu Delormeau spoke about the postponement of the European tour of Celine Dion.

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Indeed, the Canadian star announced on social networks that she was still postponing her tour. She would have health issues. But on the set of TPMP, the words of Matthieu Delormeau did not please the viewers since he made an inappropriate joke.

So he started by saying that he didn’t really believe in his excuses “In the headset you tell me ‘she’s shifting’” he says. He then continues:

“Well, we say all the time, she’s shifting, she’s shifting, she’s been shifting for 10 years. She is 56 years old! At some point, we’ll go see it at Père Lachaise! “Uncomfortable in the show… But also on social networks!

Too much is too much for Celine fans. Many people exclaimed on Twitter: “no, but he has to watch the way he expresses himself”, “he is hurtful when he speaks”, “it’s not beautiful, he should take himself back”. .

On the set of TPMP, even his colleagues pointed out to him that his remarks were not correct. But obviously, Matthieu is a great lover of humor. So he continued to joke with a smile.

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