Transform Your Health: The 20-Minute Daily Routine for Large Families

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Large families can be challenging to manage, especially when it comes to finding time for yourself. Souad Romero, a mother of six, discovered the power of carving out just 20 minutes a day for herself.

“I used to feel like I had no time for myself,” Souad shares. “Between cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my kids, I felt like there was no time left for me.” But then Souad decided to make a change. She committed to spending just 20 minutes a day doing something for herself.

“It wasn’t easy at first,” Souad admits. “There were times when I felt guilty for taking time away from my family. But I realized that if I didn’t take time for myself, I wasn’t going to be the best version of myself for my family.”

Souad has found a variety of ways to spend her 20 minutes. Sometimes she reads a book, sometimes she takes a walk, and sometimes she just sits quietly and meditates. “It doesn’t matter what you do during those 20 minutes,” Souad says. “What matters is that you’re giving yourself permission to prioritize yourself.”

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The benefits of Souad’s 20-minute daily ritual are undeniable. “I feel more relaxed, more centered, and more energized,” she says. “And that makes me a better mom, a better wife, and a better person overall.”

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of a large family, take a page out of Souad’s book and commit to spending just 20 minutes a day doing something for yourself. You deserve it, and your family will benefit from it too.

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