Transformers: Anthony Ramos Joins The Cast For New Movie

Farwa Raza

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The new Transformers that Paramount prepares with the direction of Stephen Caple Jr changes the actors Shia Labeouf and Mark Walhberg for “the first Latin superhero”.

The Transformers movie saga has many installments behind it since it began to be seen in the cinema with the first one that was released in 2007. Not only have there been several installments, but it has also changed hands in the leading role with actors like Shia Labeouf and Mark Walhberg, but always under the direction of Michael Bay and with the Autobots and Decepticons as the true protagonists.

But Paramount has a new installment in mind that will soon begin shooting in Montreal and will be directed by Stephen Caple Jr ( Creed II ) with Anthony Ramos as the lead actor. The new Transformers movie will be part of the mainline of the saga, unlike the spin-off Bumblebee directed by Travis Knight.

Anthony Ramos has confirmed his appearance in the new film from Paramount in a panel discussion about their role in the next series of HBO, In therapy, where a patient who is assistant home health plays a wealthy family. He also recently participated in the adaptation of the music of Broadway, in a neighborhood of New York, we’ll see this year.

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But having such varied roles only encourages him to keep looking for new challenges, as he commented at the round table: ” It’s easy for people to say, ‘Oh, he’s the guy who sings and dances,” or, “He’s the guy whom He does this, he makes action movies “or” Whatever, he makes music. “I think I have to challenge myself, right? In therapy, it was very different from In a New York neighborhood, which will be very different from Transformers.

And he not only seeks the challenge in having varied roles but in being able to have them as a Puerto Rican: “ I have a conversation with myself before saying yes to anything, and it took me a long time to decide to do them, especially with my work, because it has been very hard for me especially being Puerto Rican. He had everything against me, didn’t he? “So he has decided not to stop trying new challenges to prove to himself that he is capable of overcoming them and also for the world to see “that is my biggest goal right now.”

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Anthony Ramos jokes that he used to tell his agents that he wanted to be ” the first Latin superhero”, the first Puerto Rican superhero.” “And for many years I was telling you this. To be able to be in a movie where I can do that lead a franchise, it’s a blessing.”

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