True Story: Release Date, Trailer, and Everything we know

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In November 2021, Netflix has released a very exciting new criminal thriller miniseries starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes. The narrative, characters, trailer, and Netflix release date are all included in our discussion of the seven-part drama.

True Story is a new Netflix Original action thriller series from Eric Newman, the creator of Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. The series’ protagonists Kevin Hart and Charles Murray of Luke Cage and Sons of Anarchy, have served as executive producers with Newman.

The first three episodes of True Story has directed by Stephen Williams, who has helmed episodes of Watchmen and Lost. The final four episodes have directed by Hanelle Culpepper. The series production was supervised by Grand Electric. It got a score of 7.6 out of 10 in the IMDb rating. 

Netflix release date for True Story

True Story launched on Netflix on November 24, with all seven episodes accessible for binge-watching at the same time.

The show is classified as a limited series, which means it is unlikely to be extended for a second season, but it should offer viewers a standalone story to explore.

The cast of True Story

As per, Kevin Hart takes on the role of Kid (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Central Intelligence, Ride Along), Wesley Snipes (Blade, New Jack City, Demolition Man), Tawny Newsome (Star Trek: Lower Decks, Space Force, Brockmire), Will Catlett (Lovecraft Country, Charm City Kings, Black Lightning), play Carlton, Billie, and Herschel, respectively, Savvas is played by Chris Diamantopoulos (Micky Mouse, The Three Stooges, Skylanders), Ari is played by Billy Zane,  Monyca is played by Lauren London, Daphne is played by Ash Santos, Nikos is played by John Ales.

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Gene is played by Theo Rossi (Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy, Army of the Dead), Todd is played by Paul Adelstein (Land of the Lost, Intolerable Cruelty, Imposters). 

  • John Ales as Nikos
  • Michael James Bell as Ditmar
  • Avery Kidd Waddell as Julian
  • Eric Nenninger as Will
  • Dave Kramer as Alex
  • Will Gluck as Grant
  • James Earl as Grilla
  • Caleb Elijah as Christian
  • Paul Urcioli as Terry
  • Tom Wrigh as Shelly
  • Serayah as Andrea
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen
  • Emil Beheshti as Anthony
  • David Bianchi as Ray
  • Leland B. Martin as DJ Cosmic Jack

Kid gets caught up with a group of unsavory people is played by Chris Diamantopoulos, Billy Zane, and John Ales, with Lauren London and Ash Santos rounding out the major cast.

Is True Story based on true events?

Netflix’s True Story is not truly a real fact, which is a little confusing.

Keeping those in mind, it is a mystery why the creator chose such a title, and it may be due to the Kid’s resemblance to the protagonist Kevin Hart. Both are renowned stand-up comedians from Philadelphia, but the dark crime drama part of the plot is all made up fictionally.

What are the opinions of the critics?

With ‘True Story,’ Eric Newman has become a target for criticism. He is the program’s creator, writer, and showrunner.

‘True Story,’ according to Tambay Obenson, is uninspired writing by Newman.

According to Obensen, the program does not completely make darkness its ally and depends too much on narrative conveniences and predictability, which dampens tension.

Meanwhile, Lucy Mangan, a TV reviewer for The Guardian, gave ‘True Story’ three out of five stars.

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She adds it is very well-executed and has some beautiful touches. The link between Hart and Snipes, on the other hand, is difficult to trace, she notes.

Hart is a persona you want to be around, but Snipes is so fascinating that you can not help but follow him. It simply seems a bit needless, but that is unavoidable.

Plot Summary for ‘True Story’

Kid (Kevin Hart), a renowned stand-up comedian and superhero movie star, speaks to the camera in a candid interview on human nature. He philosophizes that no one can really know what’s going on within a person’s thoughts or heart. Kid claims that the crowd likes him because he makes them laugh, but they have never met the real Kid or the effort that helps him to occupy the front of the stage. In the last byte, he explains that a person’s real colors are shown only when they are faced with a difficult scenario in which they risk losing all they have worked so hard for.

The plot shifts to a week earlier. Kid travels to his hometown of Philadelphia for an upcoming gig on his stand-up tour after a beautiful appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He and his elder brother Carlton reside at the Four Seasons Hotel, where Carlton asks Kid for more funds to restore his restaurant. Kid expresses his inability to offer Carlton 600,000 dollars and leaves the subject in order to prepare for the night’s show at Wells Fargo Center.

Kid is preoccupied with his elder brother before the show begins. He assures his manager, Todd, that he will speak with Carlton and ask him to leave his life alone. Kid meets Carlton after a good concert, where he is partying with several of their shared childhood pals. Kid attempts to converse with Carlton, but he becomes inebriated. Carlton asks other females to join them for a party, and Kid finds up in bed with Daphne due to the influence of drinking.

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Carlton awakens Kid, who is lying next to Daphne, in the middle of the night. Kid is informed about Daphne’s death by him. Kid is terrified, knowing that if the Story reaches the public, his career will be made. 

What occurred that night, exactly?

That night, Kid got very intoxicated, and when he awoke, Carlton told him that Daphne had deceased of an oxy overdose. Carlton proposed phoning his Greek criminal buddy Ari Petrakis to take care of Daphne’s corpse to safeguard Kid’s image and mega-stardom career.

Kid slept soundly in another room as Ari and Carlton disposed of the corpse. As a result, he will never know what happened to Daphne’s corpse.

Ari wanted $6 million from Kid the next morning if he would keep his lips silent. Kid was enraged by those who took advantage of his fame and blackmailed him for money. He strangled Ari’s neck with a charging cord and murdered him in a fit of wrath. Kid and Carlton afterward slipped out of the hotel room to dispose of Ari’s corpse in the trash. But, to their dismay, they were pursued. Gene, Kid’s crazed admirer, videotaped Kid and Carlton as they discarded Ari’s corpse.

Trailer for True Story

In late October 2021, Netflix released a gripping teaser for True Story, presenting Hart and Snipes in their sibling characters and setting up a story that should keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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