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Aaron William Dixon is well known for being married to Tudor Dixon, a woman running for governor of Michigan under the Republican Party. According to her bio, Tudor is a working mother of four young ladies, a money manager, and a bosom illness survivor. She is a Republican candidate for the position of legislative leader in Michigan.  

Tudor Dixon

The current Republican candidate for governor of Michigan is Tudor Dixon, a former conservative news anchor, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor. With help from the west Michigan DeVos family and a last-minute endorsement from former President Donald Trump, Dixon prevailed in the GOP primary.

With about 40% of the vote, she won the race against five other candidates, putting her up against Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, the incumbent governor, in the November election. 

Tudor Dixon

Alongside being a part of the horror films between 2008 and 2012, Dixon, a 45-year-old from Norton Shores, worked in the steel industry and media. He also had a brief stint as a conservative commentator on cable TV’s “Real America’s Voice.”

On August 2, 2022, Tudor Dixon delivered a speech in celebration of receiving the Republican Party’s nomination for governor at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in the heart of Grand Rapids.

Born and raised in Illinois, Dixon earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kentucky before relocating to Michigan in 2002. Her recently deceased father, Vaughn Makary, bought the Muskegon foundry of West Michigan Steel in a bankruptcy sale and started running it as Michigan Steel. 


Before quitting the family business in 2009 to establish a family, Dixon was an executive at Michigan Steel. Before starting a conservative student news service and hosting a daily news broadcast on the right wing, she dabbled in acting, appearing in a low-budget horror film and vampire series. Network for Real America’s Voice streaming 

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Family and Husband 

In Naperville, Illinois, Tudor Dixon was born into a middle-class family. On June 22, 2022, her father, a businessman named Vaughn William Makary, passed away. Although her mother’s identity is unknown, Covid-19 caused her death in 2020.

Aaron William Dixon and Cathy William Makary are the names of her other family members. She won’t give you any further details. Tudor Dixon was married to businessman Aaron William Dixon, although she never disclosed his business. Both of them are enjoying their marriage. 


In 2002, Tudor Dixon began her employment with Michigan Steel Incorporation as a sales manager. For almost seven years, she was a sales manager. Tudor, after that, served in the capacity of Cast Steel Technology’s newly created post of Director of Sales. She joined Finki Steel as a district sales manager in November 2016.

Following extensive business training, Tudor co-founded Lumen Student News, a business that operated from 2017 to 2019. Tudor started as a news anchor for America’s Voice News in 2019. On weekdays, her America’s Voice broadcast airs live from 3 to 5 p.m.

Tudor abandoned her position as a television anchor in 2022 to run for governor of Michigan in July of that same year. 

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Net Worth 

Tudor Dixon’s net worth is thought to be around $650,000. She currently holds positions in numerous companies, including Michigan Steel, where she was just named sales director. Tudor and her family are leading prosperous lives. Her pay and earnings are respectable, given his job description. She is currently giving her girls better and higher education thanks to her reliable sources of money. 


Dixon opposes legal abortion unless it is necessary to preserve the mother’s life. She has made the economics, public safety, and opposition to “indoctrination” in public schools pillars of her campaign for governor. To stem an increase in violent crime, Dixon has suggested a $1 billion, four-year plan to hire and retain police officers and other public safety workers.

Additionally, she has begun an “Open For Business” tour to attack Whitmer’s pandemic initiatives. The GOP candidate has stated that she wants to “phase away” the personal income tax in Michigan. However, she has conceded that she must do it gradually to prevent significant budget cuts.

State and municipal governments currently get $12 billion annually through the state’s 4.25 percent income tax. In response to LGBTQ training films that instructed teachers to sometimes keep parents in the dark about their student’s sexual orientation or gender identity, Dixon in September demanded the resignation of the state superintendent.

She stated that she would support a Michigan version of Florida’s Parents Rights in Education bill, which would forbid any education relating to sexual orientation or gender identity before the fourth grade. She favors a DeVos-backed plan for student scholarships to private schools.  

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As proof that she is ready for “difficult battles” as governor, Dixon has praised her work in the steel business. She claims that Michigan Steel’s earnings increased during her time there, although records indicate that the business was routinely sued for failing to pay its suppliers.

The company terminated all employees three years after she left and went out of business. Dixon has repeated Trump’s refuted assertions that rampant voting fraud tainted the 2020 election.

She stated during a preliminary discussion that she thought Trump had won Michigan even though he had lost to Joe Biden by a margin of 154,188 votes. Before declaring her candidature for office, Dixon tweeted that the election had been rigged and charged Democrats with “obvious” and “sloppy” voter fraud. 

Dixon has also tried to make sense of a militia plot to kidnap Whitmer that has so far produced two jury convictions, two convictions as part of plea agreements, and two acquittals. 


Tudor Dixon has maintained the privacy of her data. And has yet to make many family-related posts on any social network. Aaron William Dixon is her husband, whose occupation has not been made public on any website. Only one girl’s name, Elin Dixon, is known among their four daughters, who total four. Her mother’s identity is unknown; her father was a businessman named Vaughn William Makary. 

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