Turn on Imagination and Motivation: 10 Travel Podcasts

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Turn on Imagination and Motivation: 10 Travel Podcasts

Sitting still is very difficult, especially during challenging times. Luckily, there are still opportunities for traveling – if not physically, but at least virtually. Everything starts from a dream sometimes, including dreams about journeys. 

Luckily, there are lots of traveling gurus who have blogs or simply share their experiences during Zoom conferences. If you are a person who purposefully searches for new sources of information about travels, this article provides TOP 10 podcasts on the matter.

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TOP 10 Unusual and Inspirational Podcasts

What about making your outlook wider during the challenging times and not only? Do you want to get more information to review? Here are TOP travel podcast options you should look through:

1. The FoodChain

This BBC podcast presents some totally unusual information for food lovers and travelers. This podcast has collected recordings from chefs around the globe who specialize in making dishes from various cuisines. These chefs describe each one’s life using five dishes. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But, that is not all. In this podcast, it is possible to hear different predictions about the future of Asia food, wines, and even some esoteric topics for those who love something totally unusual. The speakers also provide answers to questions asked in this blog.

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2. The BigTravel Podcast

This podcast is made in the form of conversations of its founder Lisa Francesca Nand and different people who enjoy traveling a lot. They speak about different travel-related matters and accompany such talks with anecdotes. These are talks to-the-point that can be useful not only from the point of getting extra information about travel tips. But, it is about exploring the mindset of travel lovers that can reshape your own reality and make that more flexible.

3. ArmChair Explorer

This podcast may become truly fascinating for its visitors. Aaron Millar, its founder, has found an amazing way of presenting information about travels and talking with his guests in an inspiring manner. This podcast is aimed not only at providing lots of new and valuable information from those who are heavy traveler to those who seek new ways for making their travels better. It is also made to inspire actions. And this podcast is sometimes really thrilling.

4. Travel Goals

Does your motivation fail to transform sometimes to required actions? Do you need some workable tips and advice from professional planners and travelers? Do you want to quit your job to travel more? Visit this podcast, then. It combines lots of recordings with opinions from experts, tested tips, and interesting information to consider while planning your travels. 

5. Afropop Worldwide

Are you fond of African music and rhythms? Do you want to listen to something unusual that is totally different from studio recordings? This podcast is for you, then. It is not only about travel but also about sharing the precious atmosphere of the local African culture. That is a fascinating blog that can open new horizons for those who like something extraordinary.

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6. Zero to Travel

Do you have a limited budget but unlimited travel dreams? Don’t restrict yourself and become upset. Listen to this podcast where Jason Moore provides numerous tips from more than 15 years of travel experience. You may find out from this podcast about numerous opportunities for saving budgets, arranging flights, and getting new tips about travel. It covers travel, accommodation, safety, and many other matters valuable for travelers. Don’t miss this option for getting more about travels.

7. A Girls Guide for Travelling Alone

Are you a girl who does not have somebody for a travel company? Do you still want to travel a lot? That is not a problem at all if you prepare for your trip well. This podcast is very helpful at that. You may find here useful tips, inspiration, and some special and sensitive topics covered, like ensuring mental health during the trips with kids. This podcast will be useful not only for those who want to travel alone but also for other interested travelers.

8. Living Adventurously

Do you wish to have some non-standard journeys but are not ready to take some extreme options? What about microadventures? This podcast is about interesting people who live interesting lives. They can share lots of useful tips for making journeys very interesting and doing that with minimal risks. Look through this podcast for more inspiration and tips that can help you.

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9. Amateur Traveler

As its title suggests, this podcast will be useful for those who are not professional in travels. But, that can be helpful, in fact, to many listeners who are interested in traveling. The author picks some destinations and asks about those people who have been there and have gained precious travel experience. You may find lots of examples, tips, and pieces of advice from first-hand experience.

10. Language Pod 101

If you wish to know the local culture of a place you dream about visiting better, it is surely better to know at least a minimal amount of words from the local language. This podcast can help you explore 34 various languages, including the basics of grammar and conversational topics. You may also find out about cultural specifics and lifestyles locals have. View to get more information and feel yourself free while traveling abroad.

Final Words

Traveling always requires preparation, and sometimes it also needs first-hand experience. Get those from different interesting podcasts we have preselected for you. Lots of tips, inspiration, and information about important matters are waiting for you there. And if you are limited in time to listen to all interesting audios, simply make this content transcribed using transcription services. Review in a couple of minutes those valuable pieces of info you could listen to for a couple of hours. Never limit yourself with traveling, at least online for a start.

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