“Twilight”: That’s why Robert Pattinson almost got fired!

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  • Twilight ” made Robert Pattinson a star. The actor almost got kicked out of the film series for his ideas!
  • Thoughtful and gloomy, that’s how we know Edward. Robert Pattinson wanted to go even further!
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” Twilight ” star Robert Pattinson almost had to forego the role that made him a star for his artistic freedom! We all know by now, Robert Pattinson is not a fan of the series and thinks “Twilight” is pretty “retro”. Still, he owes a lot to the story of Edward and Bella. Now it was the case that his ideas about his role diverged quite a bit from those of the film studio. So much was the discrepancy that he almost got fired! What was going on there?

Edward wasn’t “dark” enough for Pattinson.

When Pattinson got the role of Edward Cullen, he could hardly be called a fan of the “Twilight” franchise since he hadn’t read a book! As an ordinary actor who takes his work seriously, he has then made up and was even allowed the hitherto unpublished manuscript ” New Moon Midnight Sun read” that the story of ” Twilight tells” from the perspective of Edward. That meant that Pattinson wanted to play the role of Edward “dark” in order to better convey the thoughtful and tragic character. Nice idea, but the producers were on a different trip and try to convince Pattinson of their point of view in a nice way.

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Pattinson almost got fired.

They sent Pattinson a “Twilight” book that highlighted every smile from Edward (the poor person who had to do that). Pattinson wasn’t convinced and instead sent a book version in which all of Edward’s dark moments were highlighted in a different color. The producers didn’t find that so funny and suddenly his role as Edward was on the brink! So Pattinson swallowed his artistic pride and dutifully played the version of Edward that the producers wanted, but not without at least letting the dark guy hang out from time to time.  Could one of the reasons why Pattinson is not such a big fan of the series?

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