“Twilight”: When will the new film finally come?

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“Twilight” has a new book – so where is the movie? We did some research for you!

The “Twilight” series was last seen on the big screen 9 years ago – heavy! And even if fans continue to discover new funny and exciting details in the old films, there has still not been any fresh blood in material, at least for moviegoers. In contrast to the bookworms, because they were able to look forward to “Bite to the midnight sun” last year. The book retells the story of “Twilight” – this time from Edward’s perspective. So where is the film? We checked it out for you.

Does a new movie make sense?

First of all, it has to be clarified how useful a new “Twilight” film is, which deals with exactly the same things as the film series already did. It makes sense in book form in that the reader can experience the thoughts and feelings of teenage vampire Edward Cullen. This is always difficult to reproduce on the big screen unless you decide to do a “voice-over” so that Edward is telling his own thoughts in the background.

“Twilight”: That’s why Robert Pattinson almost got fired!

Second problem: Edward actor Robert Pattinson is not a huge fan of the series, he even called it “retro” at the time! In the meantime, he looks at his time with a little more benevolence than Edward, even said that he realized through ” Twilight ” that he really likes to act and will always be grateful to the series for that. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be back for new films. In addition, both main actors Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are now almost 10 years older and could not convincingly replay their roles.

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Is there a film planned at all?

Short answer? No. There are always rumors, but so far nothing is known about a possible film adaptation. A rumor has it that “Twilight: Bite to the Midnight Sun” will appear on Netflix – we only heard said rumors about that, but no precise and credible information. Whoever would take on the “Twilight” project would have to deal with the problems already mentioned and would probably have to bring in completely new actors for a film adaptation of the new book. And that leaves the question of how well fans would accept a “Twilight” movie without Pattinson and Stewart at all. We will keep you up to date!

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