Two Amazon Prime Video movies ideal for watching with the little ones


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Amazon Prime Video has many movies, documentaries, and series in its catalog. In this way, users have hundreds of options to watch with friends, alone or with family members.

On this occasion, we have focused on those productions that are suitable for children under 6 years of age. At the time of being released, they have obtained the rating of Suitable for all audiences and several specialists assured that they were perfect options to be seen by the little ones.

In this way, we have chosen two films for children that deserve a chance: both have an extremely beautiful, funny and captivating plot; which will leave a message and teaching to the little one.

Perfect plan: movies for children under 6 on Amazon Prime Video


This children’s movie available on Amazon Prime Video introduces us to Ted, a 12-year-old boy who lives in a place devoid of nature. For example, in Thneedville there are no trees, no flowers.

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As the story progresses, they will show us that Ted wants to win Audrey’s heart. She is the girl of her dreams, but in order to achieve it, he must first discover what she wants most: a Trúfula tree. In order to achieve this, Ted focuses on the story of the Lorax, who was once the ill-tempered guardian of the forest, and the Once-ler, who allowed his greed to overcome his respect for nature.

This production is based on the homonymous children’s book by Dr. Seuss. The film was directed by Chris Reanud and co-directed by Kyle Balda. As for the script, this was in charge of Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul.

Red shoes and the seven trolls

In the Amazon Prime Video catalog you can also find Red Shoes and the Seven Trolls, an animated story that introduces us to some dwarfs who were bewitched and who meet a girl who possesses a mysterious power: her red shoes.

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Together they must undertake a mission to return to being human and also save the kingdom. Critics say the film “has genuinely funny moments and witty observations. The story is smart and snappy and the characters are interesting” and that it is “entertaining and has more than one moral.”

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