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There are many people who want to travel and see the world. Some have favorite places that they want to go to first and be able to see them with their own eyes. One of the most chosen and loved cities is Paris.

Known as the city of love, in the capital of France tourists can find everything: fashion, art, rich and typical food of the country, historical buildings and much more. However, because the ticket can be quite expensive, it is not so easy and accessible to meet her.

Luckily, there are movies that allow us to travel to that place thanks to its scenes and photographs. Where the landscapes of the city come to life and help us feel in that place. The best of all? These films are available on Netflix!

Travel to Paris with Netflix

paris can wait

This film introduces us to Anne, a woman who is going through various doubts in her personal life. Married to a producer, the protagonist embarks on a car trip with a friend of her husband’s from Paris to Cannes. On this journey she will discover herself as she attentively explores the places she meets along the way.

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If your desire is to get to know the capital of France and also some of its most emblematic places, this movie on Netflix will fulfill all your wishes. In addition to transporting you and making you travel, it will also introduce you to a charming and entertaining story.

Paris is ours

While social tensions, protests and the tragedy marked by terrorism manage to shake Paris, a young Parisian lives a quite turbulent sentimental relationship. The couple is formed by Anna and Greg, who will be involved in a tornado of intense emotions. A story where dreams and reality will collide.

This movie on Netflix presents us with a plot where fiction and the documentary genre are mixed. It stars NoĆ©mie Schmidt and Elisabeth Vogler is in the director’s chair.

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