Understanding Molten Freddy: The Remains of Ennard

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Understanding Molten Freddy: The Remains of Ennard

Molten Freddy is the remains of Ennard, with the consciousness of Funtime Freddy in control, along with Ballora and Funtime Foxy. He first appeared in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as one of the four main antagonists.

In terms of physical appearance, Molten Freddy is very similar to Funtime Freddy from Sister Location. Unlike Funtime Freddy, though, he has a block-shaped chin from the bottom jaw and his black nose sports nostrils. His right eye is obscured by multiple wires while the left eye is glowing orange. The only difference is that Molten Freddy is silver and rusted instead of white and purple. He is also withered, but the rips are large and block-like. While hard to see in the game, as suggested by his name, Molten Freddy appears molten hot. He possesses a row of sharp teeth similar to Ennard’s. He has exposed arms composed of tangled wires and cables. Instead of legs, he has a tangled mass of wires. His fingers appear to be covered in scrap metal tubes reminiscent of the fingers of Funtime Freddy. There appears to be something red, like blood, more noticeably splattered on his jaw, teeth, and fingers. He also sports a brownish bowtie on his chest, as opposed to Ennard’s red button. He has eyes covering his body, resembling the eyes seen on Ennard, but more similar to the Rockstars’ eyes. Upon closer inspection, it can be noticed that his lower body is simply a mess of wires, eyes, and other discarded parts, and therefore does not possess any pedal extremities. In Ultimate Custom Night, during his jumpscare, several wires appear to be sticking out of his shoulders. It is unknown why this is, but it could be that he does it to make himself look bigger.

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Personality of Molten Freddy

Molten Freddy is highly eccentric. He appears to share the same demeanor as Funtime Freddy, but a little more twisted and less sane compared to the other animatronics in the game. He is shown to still retain his energetic persona even when killing the player with intention. As with Funtime Freddy, his voice tends to glitch while he is speaking. His voice lines are still under the theme of birthday parties.

Game Appearances

Molten Freddy made his first appearance in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as one of the four main antagonists. He also appears as a selectable antagonist in Ultimate Custom Night.

In terms of gameplay, Molten Freddy will climb through the vents, making his way towards the player’s office. He can be tracked on the vent monitor along with the other vent animatronics, excluding Ennard. The player can’t use the vent snare to stop him from reaching the vent opening, but instead, they should close the vent door when Molten Freddy laughs. If the player hears Molten Freddy’s laugh and does not close the vent door in time, they will be jumpscared by him, resulting in a Game Over.

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Trivia and Other Appearances

Molten Freddy is salvaged on the first night and is worth $500. If the player buys the Discount Ball Pit on Monday, he is replaced by Lefty’s wooden sign, hinting that he is hiding inside of it, however, this may not happen all of the time. There exists a picture of Molten Freddy sitting in an alley, which appears to be his rare death screen, pointing to him actually being Ennard as it is just a mask on a tangle of wires and endoskeleton parts.

Although Molten Freddy’s mask bears some resemblance to Funtime Freddy’s, several things are different, such as him having no blush, accents being brown instead of a shiny mauve purple, his hat lacking a stripe, and lighter colors in certain areas. This points to it being a different mask. It’s unknown where he got it from. There is a blueprint of Molten Freddy’s mask which can be found in the Insanity Ending. Molten Freddy’s eye changes color – yellow on his rare death screen and his Custom Night icon, orange while salvaging, and red while in the office. This may be due to lighting effects, but it may also be caused by the presence of three different spirits within Molten Freddy, possibly those of Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora.

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Molten Freddy, the remains of Ennard, is a complex and intriguing character in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. With a unique appearance and gameplay mechanics, he has left a lasting impression on fans of the franchise. His eccentric personality and role as an antagonist make him a memorable addition to the lore of the series.

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