United Kingdom vs. Canada – Which has the best land-based casinos?

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Labelling a land-based casino as “the greatest in the world” seems quite unrealistic as it all comes down to personal preferences.

But, we can narrow down the list of the most luxurious casinos in the UK and Canada so that you can decide which would be the best fit for you. After all, the only judge that matters is you.

Casinos you don’t want to skip when visiting the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is renowned for its outstanding nightlife and gambling activities, as most of the largest and most luxurious land-based casinos are located in London. The majority of land-based casinos can be found in the Westfield area, as this location is filled with bars, pubs, clubs and other forms of entertainment.

Aspers Casino

Aspers Casino is located in the biggest shopping and entertainment centre in London, Westfield, which includes dining and accommodation options. The casino has a restaurant and a spacious gaming area where you’ll find more than 150 slot machines and over 70 gaming tables.

Gaming options at Aspers Casino

Apart from the most appreciated casino games, Blackjack and Roulette, Aspers Casino includes:

  • Poker – Omaha, and Texas Hold’em
  • Punto Banco Baccarat
  • Super Wheel
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • European Roulette
  • and more. 

The biggest attraction of the casino

If you’re a poker fanatic, you’d be pleased to find that Aspers Casino includes the largest poker room where the casino holds tournaments every month. Also, for sports fans, there’s a sports venue at the casino that hosts all significant sporting events on various large screen TVs. 

The Hippodrome Casino 

The luxury, uniqueness, and extravagant vibe of the Hippodrome Casino make this gambling experience memorable for any gambling enthusiasts. 

Situated in Leicester Square, the Hippodrome has been around for more than 120 years, initially being a theatre, turned into a club, and since 2012 operating as a casino.

Variety of gambling options for Hippodrome’s visitors

The building in which the Hippodrome Casino is set houses no less than three uniquely-themed casinos over five massive floors: 

  • The Grand Casino – famous for its breathtaking architecture, as this room was initially an auditorium;
  • Lola’s Casino – an event space that combines gambling and live shows;
  • The Gods Casino – on the fourth floor, dedicated to poker games.
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Main events

The Hippodrome is more than just a casino; it hosts several iconic events throughout the year. One of the most popular and distinguishable events ever hosted is the Magic Mike Live Show, which is still held on the first floor. So, if you’re interested in having a fun night out, you should definitely attend this performance. 

Grosvenor Casino Leo 

Unlike the other casinos, Grosvenor is located in one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, Liverpool, facing the Albert Dock. This area is famous for its entertainment opportunities. 

Grosvenor has more than 50 casinos in the UK, but this one is probably the most appealing as during the day, you can spend some time enjoying the waterfront, and by night you can join the casino. Also, the casino includes cocktail bars and an in-house restaurant with a stunning view of the waterfront.

What Grosvenor has to offer gambling-wise

This casino is the paradise of poker players as it houses a massive poker room. Moreover, poker tournaments are organised regularly. But, apart from poker, Grosvenor Casino offers a large selection of games:

  • Electronic Roulette;
  • Punto Banco;
  • Slot games with jackpots, such as Mega Jackpot;
  • Blackjack and its multiple versions. 

Grosvenor Casino cherishes loyalty

The casino provides regular promotional offers for its loyal customers. Thus, its regular customers can benefit from free-entrance tickets for special events by using their Blackcard or Loyalty card. Also, privileged customers can collect points in play points cards and get these points redeemed. 

How safe are land-based casinos in the UK?

Not many gamblers know how well-organised these casinos are. The player’s safety is guaranteed by any casino certified by The United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the UKGC

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This regulatory body ensures players that casinos obey strict rules regarding payment methods, underage gambling protection, fair results, and more. So, we can assure you that each UKGC-certified casino is a safe place to place your bets. 

Thus, we elaborated a list of the best land-based casinos in the UK, which are evidently certified and safe. 

Canada’s best land-based casinos which you should visit 

Canada never disappoints when it comes to its entertainment business, so there’s a wide range of luxurious casinos from which you can pick out your favourite. However, unlike UK-based casinos, the regulations for casino safety are not the same. Canada is divided into ten provinces, so each has a self-governing entity, so the gambling laws are different depending on the province you pick.

Casino Rama Resort

Established two decades ago in the town of Rama in Ontario, Casino Rama Resort is considered the most prominent Canadian casino. Even though the space dedicated to the casino is not as ample as other ones, it keeps its visitors engaged in various games. There are over 2,500 games you can choose from, including slot machines. 

What is there more to do in Casino Rama Resort?

As it is a resort, this casino houses restaurants, a spa facility, and a hotel. Thus, if you want to visit the town and engage in gambling, you can choose the accommodation in this resort. Also, Casino Rama Resorts organises shows in an entertainment complex where performers such as Ice Cube, The Cult, and Aqua. 

Casino Rama Resort remains the perfect getaway location for Canadians as it combines everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

Casino Montreal

Casino Montreal can be found on Notre Dame Island in Ville-Marie in Montreal. It’s a must-visit location, even for sightseers, as its unique and extraordinary design has made this casino a landmark since 1992. It was established in October 1993.

What you can experience at Casino Montreal

In terms of gambling games, Casino Montreal does not disappoint. It features an ample casino space where you can find thousands of slot machines, lotteries, game tables, and more. Apart from the games, you can attend cabaret shows or enjoy a drink in the bar. Plus, there’s a range of sophisticated restaurants to choose from for a fantastic dining experience. 

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Free shows 

The casino houses a hub of activities where there are many get-togethers and other forms of entertainment. Visitors benefit from free-entrance shows by guest artists and famous DJs during these events. All there is to do is keep an eye on the schedule so you don’t miss any major events.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Fallsview was opened to the public in 2004, and it currently is the biggest casino in Ontario, receiving many awards. 

The incredible scenery the casino offers makes it a remarkable experience for all its visitors. 

For all gambling fans

With over 200,000 square feet of gaming area, the casino hosts an impressive selection of games with more than 3500 slot machines and at least 130 game tables, so there’s enough room for everyone. You can enjoy a game table while admiring a marvellous view of the Horseshoe waterfalls and Niagara waterfalls. 

Fallsview Casino is more than just a casino

If you’re not so much of a gambler, the resort includes several other facilities such as a fitness centre, 24/7 room service, and even an indoor pool. So, you have plenty of activities to choose from when you decide to stay at Fallsview Resort. 

UK and Canada both have some excellent casinos worldwide

Whether you prefer the UK or Canada, in the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. What is for sure is that they both have some of the best casinos in the entire world.

All things considered, you can put these casinos on your bucket list and pay them a visit to see them yourself!

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