Vacation like a royal: King Charles’ favorite destinations 

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King Charles

King Charles III will probably embark on an overseas tour soon after being crowned on May 6, 2023. While some of his destinations will be for formal state trips, the King will likely also wish to spend a while at his favourite sites, just like most of us. 

But what are some of our new King’s favourite places? Why not arrange a vacation to some of the four of his favourite destinations that we have gathered and holiday like an emperor? However, these are King Charles’ most preferred destinations, shown below.


In 1954, Charles, then 5 years old, travelled to this tiny island in the Mediterranean with his mother and sister for the first time. The King still enjoys travelling to sunny Malta, and it is simple to understand why. 

Malta enjoys exceptional weather all year round and delivers elegance for less money than you could have expected. Enjoy delicious food and warm hospitality from the locals while taking in all the festivities on this undiscovered jewel of the Med. Malta is the ideal location for a fast getaway because flights there take approximately three hours to arrive from the UK. 

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Planning a trip to Malta is easier than you think when you don’t have to worry about booking accommodations only after you reach the location. Using a top-notch comparison search engine, price comparison of all the lodging accommodations has become simpler with Cozycozy.  

Corfu, Greece

Greece’s Corfu is likely the King’s all-time favourite vacation spot. He loves Greece dearly and has been there several times. Greek heritage and customs have long fascinated everyone, and Greece is in my family’s blood, Charles said in an interview with an Athens newspaper in 2018.

The island has wonderful weather all year long and has completely pristine beaches. Corfu is a place suited for a king if you want to discover the numerous ancient sites, stroll through breathtaking scenery, or take in the dynamic urban ambience.


The King has travelled to Italy on 18 formal occasions and spent numerous vacations there. Italy is favoured by Charles III, which is not shocking given its extensive cultural heritage. There is something in Italy for everybody. Rome and the Vatican are very appealing to His Majesty. In 2017, he travelled there with Queen Camila and greeted the Pope.

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You will have many things to discover if you visit Rome and the Vatican. Visit the Colosseum and other Roman remains or explore the stunning Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.


Barbados is still a member of the Commonwealth and will probably be included in the Caribbean portion of Charles’ enthronement excursion, despite the fact that it might not currently have the monarch as its ruler or head of state. 

The King genuinely adores the island; he has been there multiple times and was present in 2021 when the nation proclaimed itself as an independent republic. The main attraction of Barbados is the coastlines, which may be among the most picturesque in the Caribbean. Each coastline is a tropical haven, and every individual is warm and hospitable. Also, it is renowned to be one of the safest Caribbean islands which adds to its charm for royalty. 

These are the top 4 and highly preferred vacation destinations of King Charles. So, do visit one of these places, and the rest, keep them on your bucket list for a mesmerizing trip. 

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