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Wit Studio has simply spread its magic over the entertainment world. It has won the hearts of the audience with three super thrilling seasons of Attack of Titans and now it’s time for something even bigger. Wit Studio is gearing up to collaborate with the streaming King, Netflix, to deliver a mind-boggling anime, Vampire in the Garden. Though Netflix has a wide variety of series on similar themes, the magic of Wit Studio will surely attract the audience. The creators have revealed that this time it will carry a fully new look and feel and the plot will surely impress the anime fans. The sneak peeks and announcements have ignited an unstoppable hype among the fans, and they are craving its release. So, when is Netflix’s next big anime project, Vampire in the Garden, coming out? Here is everything we know till now.

When it comes to vampires and humans, we have always imagined some deadly scenes of the Walking Dead. We have always titled the Vampires as evil souls. But what if humans and vampires live together in harmony? Assume one stops killing the other in search of food or safety. Well, this will be somewhat the theme of Wit Studio and Netflix’s new collaboration venture, Vampire in the Garden. Set to mark its debut on the popular streaming platform, Netflix, Vampire in the Garden, will explore the complicated relationship between vampires and humans.

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Though Netflix has announced this project much earlier, neither the streaming giant nor Wit Studio has unveiled any more details about the release date, plot, characters, and more about Vampire in the Garden. However, after a lot of research and hunting after our sources, we have collected some valuable information about Netflix’s next big anime project, Vampire in the Garden. So, let’s jump into it.

Vampire In The Garden Release Date – When Will Vampire In The Garden Premiere?

Sadly, neither Wit Studio nor Netflix has revealed any details about Vampire In The Garden. As of now, we only know that the anime exists and will surely debut on Netflix. The hype about the series is reaching new heights as anime fans are curious to know about its release date. As per, Vampire In The Garden may debut sometime in 2022. Apart from that, Netflix has not yet shared any details about the plot or characters. In terms of visuals, the streaming King has only dropped a couple of images which appear promising for the fans.

However, in the light of the pinches of details released by Wit Studio and Netflix, we can surely make some assumptions. Firstly, Vampire In The Garden will debut globally with English translation. Moreover, there are good chances that Netflix will embrace the new content and order an English dubbed version of the anime series.

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Vampire In The Garden Cast – Who Are The Characters In The Series?

As Netflix has not revealed even a sneak peek of the characters in Vampire In The Garden, unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to highlight the exact list. But, we can assure the fans that Vampire In The Garden will surely bring a wide array of incredible cast members as unlike other anime projects of Netflix, this one is coming under the Wit Studio, which has showcased its magic in Attack of Titans.

Moreover, as there is no revelation about the source material or manga, we can’t predict the characters and it solely depends on the creators. However, the description offered on Netflix’s official page slightly gives us a glimpse of the story. It depicts Romeo and Juliet stepping into the Vampire world as Momo and Fine. However, it does not define the name of the main protagonist or side characters. So, unfortunately, it seems that the fans will have to be patient and wait until the streaming King, Netflix, reveals more details on the upcoming projects. Make sure to stay connected to our website as we will be the first to update you on Vampire In The Garden release date and more.

Vampire In The Garden Plot – What Will Be The Story Of The New Netflix Series?

Much like the updates on the release date and characters of Vampire In The Garden, Netflix has not yet revealed much details about the plot either. However, as of now, we know that the series will focus on two girls, one vampire and one human, who will step into a complicated friendship, and the world will resist them. Netflix has also unveiled that while the two characters get along, they will share, unlike motivation. The human girl wants to be the top violinist, while the vampire girl simply craves to see the wider world.

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There are many more details about the plot that is still under the shadow. So, it will be interesting how Netflix with Wit Studio executes a fresh idea and creates an entertaining series out of it. Wit has proven to be one of the hitmakers. It has delivered several amazing stories and the Vampire In The Garden may be one more. Though we lack accurate information about Vampire In The Garden, the reputation of the studio has set high expectations and we can assume a boom on Netflix really soon.

Vampire In The Garden Trailer

Netflix has not yet revealed the official teaser or trailer of Vampire In The Garden. However, we can expect a trailer or announcement video coming in the upcoming months. So, make sure to stay tuned as we will update our site as soon as Netflix passes any leaks on Vampire In The Garden.

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