Vanessa Bryant Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

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Vanessa Bryant

We are all well familiar with the famous NBC football Player, late Kobe Bryant and the tragic accident that killed both him and his daughter. The cause of the 26 January helicopter crash, which occurred in California amongst the heavy fog, is still under surveillance.

Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, was accompanying him on board the helicopter.

The passengers – which accounted for two of Gianna’s basketball teammates, their family members and a coach – were on their way to a tournament in Thousand Oaks where Bryant had been set to coach the event. However, they tragically lost their lives due to a tragic mishap and the pilot’s incompetence who flew the helicopter. This resulting in the tragic death of all the passengers on board the helicopter.

Vanessa Bryant had sued the pilot and the helicopter company that operated the deadly flight

The Lawsuit 

Kobe Bryant’s family is closing the case in the aftermath of his fatal and tragic crash due to the negligence of the helicopter company, by reaching a settlement decision with the helicopter company that operated his flight.

His now widow, Vanessa Bryant, and the other families of the people involved in the crash agreed to join forces together and fight for the ones they have lost by arranging and filing a lawsuit against the alleged company. They reached a settlement on Tuesday, June 22, according to the court notice obtained by various insider sources and by the media.

The matter has been under a high level of scrutiny and surveillance as the people are angry and enraged by the incidents that have occurred especially involving Kobe Bryant’s death.

“Plaintiffs and Defendants jointly report that they have agreed to settle their claims,” reads the sentence. “The material terms of the settlement and releases are known to the settling parties and include that the terms of the settlement are confidential.”

They are finalizing the settlement documents and will request that the California judge approve the agreement.

Defendants Island Express Helicopters and Island Express Holding Corp, along with the successor of pilot Ara Zobayan, all agreed to settle.

Last year, Vanessa sued them for the wrongful cause of death of her husband Kobe, aged 41, and daughter Gianna, aged only 13, after they were killed in a January 2020 helicopter crash in Calabasas, California., along with seven other people. Her surviving children were also plaintiff parties in the lawsuit against the helicopter company and are still mourning the loss of their father and sister Gianna.

the helicopter’s pilot, Ara Zobayan, and that he had shown negligence in his flying.

In response to the lawsuit, Island Express Helicopters had denied responsibility for the crash, labelling it “an act of God.” This however enraged the family members of Kobe and even the other passengers for which the helicopter crash was responsible.

Zobayan had been a private pilot and was exclusively meant for flying Kobe Bryant and his family. He was excited to make the trip for Bryant, regardless of the massive fog-shrouded conditions, but there was no sign that Bryant had forced or harassed Zobayan into flying that day, the yearlong investigation concluded.

Vanessa Bryant and other family members of the crash’s victims also filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, four deputies, the county and its fire department for invasion of privacy and negligence after deputies took and shared unauthorized photos of the victims and the crash site.

That lawsuit is still going on and awaits a suitable verdict pleasing to the families of all their loved ones lost in that fateful helicopter crash.

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