Veronika Loubry Gives Thylane Blondeau Advice on Sleeping Better

Samuel Edwards

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Model Thylane Blondeau’s fans can rest easy as her beloved pet is on its way to recovery after being hospitalized for four days due to pancreatitis. Blondeau’s mother, Veronika Loubry, has been regularily updating followers with the progress made by the pup and shared an adorable video of him eating in the arms of Thylane’s boyfriend, Ben Attal.

Loubry expressed her pride in Thylane for caring for the pup, saying she “hasn’t slept for four days and you’ll understand why… She has the right to visit her two hours a day and he only eats with her”. She revealed that the whole family had cried in response to the news, saying “you know how much this dog is like my grandson, he’s my daughter’s son”.

The former TV host revealed that the pup’s health woes had resulted in an event with Thylane as the representative of France in the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar being cancelled – much to her disappointment. However, she was quick to express her pride in her daughter and how far she’d come in progressing her career in fashion.

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It’s clear to see Loubry’s love and support for her daughter – no doubt the pup will have a host of well-wishers to greet him on his return to full health.

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