VIDEO TPMP People: this joke by Matthieu Delormeau on Céline Dion which shocked the columnists

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VIDEO TPMP People: this joke by Matthieu Delormeau on Céline Dion which shocked the columnists

This Saturday, April 30, 2022, C8 offered a brand new issue of TPMP People. The opportunity to return to the news of the stars of recent days. As he addressed the postponement of Celine Dion’s European tour, Matthieu Delormeau made a small reflection which did not fail to make the columnists react.

We are not idle on C8. While it’s the weekend for many French people, the columnists of Touche pas à mon poste were back with a new issue of TPMP People. Presented by Matthieu Delormeau, the show still meets with great success on the channel, where it even had the right to a bonus on Thursday evening. For the issue of this Saturday April 30, 2022, the presenter and his team returned to the people news of the last few days.

On the program of many revelations on the future Jubilee of the queen, her relationship with Prince Harry, the latest escapades of the stars on social networks as well as the presence of a lookalike of Mylène Farmer whose performance did not seduce the fans. . Another singer was also in the spotlight during the show: Celine Dion. The Canadian artist made the news by announcing on social networks that her long-awaited European tour was postponed, once again, because of her health concerns. A news that made Matthieu Delormeau react strongly.

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Matthieu ! Non !

The host, who does not have his tongue in his pocket, did not mince his words when referring to the singer. In question ? The video to announce the postponement of his concerts which is a bit fake according to him. But a reflection from the colleague of Cyril Hanouna particularly reacted on the set. While he states that Celine Dion has announced that she is canceling her European tour, the management corrects him. “In the headset you tell me ‘she shifts'” he gets annoyed slightly.

“Finally she shifts, she shifts, she’s been shifting for 10 years. She is 56 years old! At some point, we’ll go see it at Père Lachaise! The remark was quick to react on the set and around the table where the public and the columnists expressed their shock. “Matthew! Nope ! even throws one of her colleagues at her while the video posted by the singer starts on the screen. Yes, Celine must not be touched.

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