Vikings: Floki’s overblown theory that could change the show’s history

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Vikings: Floki's overblown theory that could change the show's history

Of all the characters that were featured in the Vikings series, none of them are as compelling and unpredictable as Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) master builder, eventual explorer, and best friend Floki (played by Gustaf Skarsgård). Which is why fans of the show have been talking about an interesting theory about him.

Since the first season of Vikings began, viewers have seen more than once how Floki seems to betray his best friend Ragnar. However, his funny and easily angered curious personality has managed to create a fan base in the character and the actor of him, so some have been talking about this theory.

On the popular social network Reddit, a user presented a theory to other Vikings fans, many of whom already had similar thoughts, or were influenced by the argument of the character’s name, Floki, who was an evil god. and full of mischief.

“Floki in the TV series ‘Vikings’ is actually the god Loki,” the user wrote,

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The fanatic refers to the Norse god of mischief. Among other things, the fan pointed out that the Norse gods were known to hide in plain sight as humans and that going by Floki, who sounds so similar to Loki, seems like something this curious god usually does.

Despite the resemblance of the two names, it is important to remember that Vikings series creator Michael Hirst based most of his narrative on a mix of historical sources and Icelandic sagas, such as “The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok”. In which there was actually a man named Hrafna-Flóki, whose story can be found in the medieval “Book of Settlements” or Landnámabók.

Interestingly, it is mentioned in the books that Floki was the first man to deliberately search for Iceland, and that he used to wear a necklace with Thor’s hammer around his neck at all times, as a sign of his heritage and his devotion to Iceland. this mighty God. In other words, Floki may have a lot in common with Loki, but he seems to have so much in common with the historical Icelander that he shares his name.

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However, given the weight the series gave to Floki’s interaction with the cross as he began to doubt his religion, other fans consider it highly likely that the character is not meant to represent a god, but rather belief. fewer and fewer of their people in them, and the death of those gods at the hands of Christianity.

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