Virgin River: Martin Henderson confirmed what was suspected about season 4

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Virgin River: Martin Henderson confirmed what was suspected about season 4

Virgin River, the Netflix streaming platform’s romance drama, hasn’t appeared with new episodes on fans’ screens since season 3 premiered in July 2021. This was an unexpected sneak peek, as many viewers believed that the The third installment would arrive last December, taking into account the program’s premiere schedule.

With Virgin River season 4 in post-production, chances are Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan will be back with more stories this summer. Let us remember that the three installments that the romantic drama has to its credit, has kept the fans intrigued since it did not give the answers that were really expected.

However, the uncertainty that has kept viewers restless all this time will come to an end with season 4 of Virgin River, as Martin Henderson himself confirmed what everyone suspected about what will come with the new installment of the successful series, which also stars Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel.

Recall that at the end of Virgin River season 2, the drama left Jack bleeding on the floor with a bullet in his abdomen. The third installment arrived on Netflix, and what the series really did was frame Bryde. What is not known is, if he is the real culprit in the attempted murder of Mel’s love interest.

At the end of Virgin River season 3, fans saw Mel plunged into the dilemma of her life. She revealed her pregnancy to Jack, but what she doesn’t know is whether he is the biological father, or the baby is the result of in vitro fertilization. The romantic couple will undoubtedly be going through ups and downs, Netflix confirmed last year.

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The truth is, Virgin River fans should prepare for what’s to come with season 4, which will answer all the big questions Martin Henderson confirmed, including who is the father of Mel’s child and who shot Jack. While the drama will offer answers with the upcoming episodes, it will drop more questions regarding other stories. This the actor told The Digital Fix via Hello:

“I can’t say too much because it would give away, but you find out what’s going on. I’m just going to say that season four reveals and answers all the questions, but then it introduces a few more. I think season four is going to be very satisfying for the people because of that huge cliffhanger. There were several cliffhangers, which makes for a little love/hate situation for the audience, where they love but hate the wait. It’s going to be worth it because the writers really respond to those things. I think people will be satisfied.”

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