Virgin River: Production reveals good and new news of the next season 5

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Virgin River: Production reveals good and new news of the next season 5

Since its debut in 2019, Virgin River has become one of the most acclaimed romance dramas on the Netflix streaming platform, which is why every time there is some new news, its followers do not hesitate to make it viral thanks to the immense fanatic with which it counts.

Although different problems have appeared with the next premiere of the fourth season of Virgin River, it seems that now things have been different for this fifth installment, well, one of the recent news that the Netflix production issued is that the drama of romance is scheduled to start filming in July 2022.

Since its premiere nearly three years ago, Virgin River has been the adaptation of Carr’s Virgin River novels. It stars Alexandra Breckenridge, as Melinda Monroe and Martin Henderson, interpreter of Jack Sheridan. Both actors thanks to their chemistry have managed to cross the screens.

Until now, three seasons of this drama have been released, the most recent one was released on July 8, 2021 through Netflix, which is why the subscribers of said platform are eager to see new stories on the screens. It was last September when it was revealed that the program would return for a fourth and fifth installment, it is known that season 4 has already finished filming and will soon be released.

Of the fifth season, filming was supposed to start in March, but it was the same protagonist Alexandra Breckenridge, who revealed that they had been delayed with filming. However, a source confirmed that this process will be broadcast from July 1 of this year 2022, to end on November 30 of the same year. Remember that the duration of this process takes about five months.

However, it’s no surprise to learn that these dates are always subject to change, such as changes in writing, casting and other factors that come into play when it comes to getting production underway.

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Although not much is known about the fifth season of Virgin River at the moment, Sue Tenney is expected to continue with the showrunning duties. The filming locations may be familiar, as the show has been filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, Canada.

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