Volodymyr Zelensky calls on Europe to join ‘gas war’

Samuel Edwards

Published on:

Volodymyr Zelensky has urged Europe to fight back after Russia decided to drastically cut off gas supplies over the next winter.

Gas giant Gazprom announced a massive cut in gas deliveries starting Wednesday, July 27, a move that will force European countries to look for new suppliers before winter arrives.

For this reason, the Ukrainian president called on the European Union to impose new sanctions against Russia following the announcement.

Through his daily report, Zelensky said: “We have received new threats of gas cuts for Europe. Despite the concession of the turbine for Nord Stream, Russia will not resume gas supply to European countries, as it is bound by contract.”

He added: “This is a public war for gas that Russia is winning against a united Europe. He doesn’t care what happens to people, how they suffer from hunger due to the blockade of ports, from winter cold and poverty… or by occupation. They are just different ways of exercising terror. That is why we must fight back. He doesn’t think about how to recover the turbine, but about strengthening sanctions.”

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