WandaVision: Paul Bettany Reveals ‘Terrifying’ Incident From Sets

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“I was terrified”: Paul Bettany’s terrible secret about WandaVision.

The actor referred to the difficult moment that he had to live.

The Marvel universe managed to establish itself in recent years, not only in the cinema and its great productions, but also due to the number of series that began to be made after the end of “Avengers: Endgame”. One of them is ” WandaVision ” and at this time, the actor Paul Bettany spoke about one of the most difficult moments that happened to him during the recordings, something that was surprising.

Beyond the overwhelming success that ” WandaVision ” had, its protagonist also had to overcome several difficulties. Without a doubt, the worst of all was the one he featured on EW’s The Awards podcast. There, the interpreter spoke of a scene that generated great insecurity and fear. Although it seemed something simple, it became a titanic task for him, from the shock he felt.

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According to the story of the protagonist of Disney + fiction, recording with an audience in the studio was quite traumatic for him and consequently, the work was much more arduous. In any case, he admitted that he was able to adapt and enjoy the special moment. He even claimed that he had a lot of fun back then. About her experience, Bettany said:

“I was thinking we can’t possibly do that. My feeling was’ I haven’t been in front of a live studio audience for 25 years, and I don’t want to be, and I’m already scared because I started to really see Dick Van Dyke and I said, God, he’s so clever, what he’s doing, ‘and I was terrified. ” Without a doubt, the actors live moments like this and the spectators do not find out, so it is interesting that some are encouraged to tell it.

What’s next in the Marvel universe.

The very good repercussion that “WandaVision” and the other productions had, which were made in recent years at Marvel, leaves the bar increasingly high. By June of this year, “Loki” would be released and fans are already preparing to welcome another member of the great family. With this scenario, the successes are expected to remain strong.

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