WandaVision: Season 2? Renewed Or Cancelled At Disney+

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WandaVision kicked off the Marvel Phase 4 with a huge success story. The show was not only appreciated by the viewers but it also managed to level up Marvel in the ‘TV WAR’ with DC. After an immensely successful first season, fans have been wondering for an announcement regarding the renewal of WandaVision for its second season, but so far no luck has been recorded in the destiny of the fans.

WandaVision: Is Season 2 Possible?

Anyone who is a big fan of Marvel and its extended universe would be familiar with the fact that WandaVision setups Scarlet Witch’s entry in Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness. Recently it was also revealed that Doctor Strange was going to feature on the final episode of the show, but later his scene was ruled off the script.

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Now the Marvel Studio boss Nate Moore has made a statement that sums up the chances of WandaVision Season 2 to 3:1 ratio. During a recent conversation, Moore said that he believes WandaVision is a show that can only be done once and not repeatedly, as Wanda can not go back into reality in terms of a practical approach inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Responding to the potential of seeing Wanda in a new show he said,

“There are some shows that, while always interconnected, are being built with multiple seasons in mind…”

He also mentioned that streaming allows the creators to loosen up a bit more and let the flow of creativity sail through wherever you want to go.


It can be concluded that Nate Moore has dropped some heavy hints on the discontinuation of the show as it was based to be a miniseries despite its huge success, so the chances of WandaVision season 2 are too low as of now.

The first season of WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+.

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