WandaVision Season 2 Won’t Arrive! How Will Scarlett Witch’s Story Continue?

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WandaVision Season 2

Scarlet Witch’s story is set to continue in theaters, in Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The first season of WandaVision ended on March 5 on Disney Plus with the broadcast of the ninth episode. Over the weeks, this Marvel Cinematic Universe spinoff TV show has gained many fans, and many are wondering what awaits Wanda / Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen ) next. The Hollywood Reporter relays Kevin Feige’s strategy, unveiled a few days ago during a discussion organized by the Television Critics Association, and, surprise! The boss of Marvel is not talking about season 2 despite the big success of the series. On the other hand, he evokes the return of the heroine to the cinema.

WandaVision Was A Miniseries

The WandaVision series on Disney + ended leaving us with plenty of unanswered questions. If Scarlet Witch fans were hoping Marvel Studios would order a season 2, Kevin Feige revealed that WandaVision was meant as a miniseries.

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How Will The Storyline Continue?

As we know, many intrigues of the show will be taken up and continued in Doctor Strange 2, the Sorcerer Supreme now having to make up for the damage caused by Wanda Maximoff. The upcoming blockbuster will certainly give us news from the Darkhold, explore the rest of Agatha’s adventures, and possibly show us the twins of Wanda and Vision grew up as well. However, Doctor Strange 2 also has its own storylines to deal with, which is why it would be wise for WandaVision season 2 to be released as a sequel to this Sam Raimi movie to continue the stories started in the series aired on Disney +.

Indeed, some intrigues of WandaVision deserve to be explored in detail. For example, the location of White Vision and the fate of Agatha Harkness are compelling, meaty stories that don’t fit into any project other than WandaVision. Their stories started here and they must continue in the same place. Imagining that the Sorcerer Supreme will help Wanda master her powers in Doctor Strange 2, she is a mature and responsible Scarlet Witch that we could find in the continuation of her solo adventures. She would thus be better able to manage the new existential crisis of the new Vision, but also to manage the return of her two extremely powerful twins. While waiting to learn more, find out why Doctor Strange was not part of the WandaVision storyline.

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