Warner Bros calls reports of Ezra Miller firing ‘exaggerated’


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When everything seemed to be in the best moment for ‘The Flash’ after several delays and problems in its production, Ezra Miller was the protagonist of a scandal a week ago in Hawaii, when he attacked local people in a bar. After this incident, rumors of his dismissal came out, but Warner Bros has come out to clarify the situation.

For Warner Bros, Ezra Miller works within the DC Extended Universe, and the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ saga. These projects were questioned about their continuity, after the scandal of a few days ago. Although the situation is quite surprising, this is not the first time that the actor has been involved in a controversy.

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In 2020 Ezra Miller was caught on video choking a woman by the neck and then throwing her to the ground. Recent reports from Rolling Stone claimed that Warner and DC had ordered an impromptu meeting to discuss the future of Ezra Miller within the studio’s franchises, and decided to pause any project with his name.

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Now, new information from IGN, ensures that a Warner Bros source has confirmed that said emergency meeting never happened, and called the rumors about the dismissal of Ezra Miller from the company an “exaggeration”, while asking fans of the film for calm. actor on the premiere of ‘The Flash.

Ezra Miller suffered a “nervous breakdown” during ‘The Flash’

Although the rumors about his dismissal from the DC Extended Universe are false, the company has confirmed that during the recording of ‘The Flash’, the actor has had episodes of nervous breakdown, although he has never become aggressive. So his erratic behavior has aroused caution within the studio.

For now, fans of Ezra Miller can be calm about the premiere of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’, however, after the release of these tapes that are already finished, Warner has yet to confirm their continuity. The last time we saw Flash was in the HBO Max series ‘Peacemaker’, and the future looks brighter for the Andy Muschietti film.

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Warner is about to merge with Discovery, and some of its executives have already started leaving their posts. While many things within the UEDC will continue as planned, it is expected that there will be some changes for the future of the franchise, as well as the actors and actresses involved.

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