Warner Bros. Discovery would be considering releasing ‘Batgirl’ also in theaters


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After negotiations in recent weeks, the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has finally taken place, a purchase that promises to change the structure of the company, which will be reflected in its future productions. Now, these changes could see ‘Batgirl’ finally being released in theaters.

Although there is still no release date on HBO Max, ‘Batgirl’ is planned for the streaming platform to arrive at some point this year 2022 exclusively, as happened with ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ , after the success of ‘The Batman’ and ‘The Suicide Squad’.

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The production of ‘Batgirl’ has gone through different problems throughout the years that it has been in development, since the departure of Joss Whedon from the project, and the racist comments that Leslie Grace received in the announcement as the protagonist, Warner Bros was with some hiccups back then.

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Then came the announcement of the rest of the cast, such as JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Michael Keaton, who after the events of ‘The Flash’ will remain as the Batman of the DC Extended Universe, and that this also confirmed that the tape yes belongs to the UEDC, and finally, Brendan Fraser as the villain, the fans put their eyes back on the tape.

‘Batgirl’ would hit theaters first before HBO Max

It is known that ‘Batgirl’ is part of the exclusives that HBO Max will have at the end of the year, unlike other Warner films, such as ‘The Batman’, ‘Dune’ or ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, which arrived 45 days after its theatrical release. However, the idea of ​​​​Jason Kilar, former president of the company, now seems to have been left behind.

According to information from Puck News, via Comic Book, Toby Emmerich, the new president of Warner Bros. Discovery, would be considering taking ‘Batgirl’ to theaters, and take advantage of the fact that the official announcement of its release date has not yet been made. premiere in the platform’s catalog.

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With the dismissal of Kilar, and the arrival of David Zaslav to the position, he would seek to change the focus of content, and would take advantage of the drop in Netflix subscribers, to have a catalog of exclusives, HBO Max, as part of the new strategy . With this, a release date could be announced soon, although there are no more details about it.

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