Warner pauses Ezra Miller’s projects as Flash after his recent arrests


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The moment has not only brought controversy to the life of Will Smith, but Ezra Miller seems to be going through a crucial moment in his personal life. A few days ago, the actor was arrested after disturbing public order and threatening to kill a couple after entering his property. The fallout has seen Warner pause all projects involving the Flash.

On March 29, 2022, Ezra Miller, star of ‘The Flash’, and actor of ‘Fantastic Animals’, was arrested in Hawaii for disturbing public order after an incident in a Hilo bar. Supposedly, the victim couple filed a restraining order against the interpreter when he broke into his room to threaten them with death and steal his belongings.

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According to information from Rolling Stone, Warner Bros and DC ordered an impromptu meeting on March 20 to discuss the future of Ezra Miller within the studio. Reports indicate that the consensus was to pause any project that involves his continuity with the DC Extended Universe.

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In addition, Warner along with DC has spent a year making key decisions for the sequels of ‘The Flash’, which has recently been delayed until 2023. And with the merger with Discovery, they have avoided choosing parties that could define the future of the company. , as many directors of the company will leave before the purchase is completed.

Ezra Miller had a “nervous breakdown” during ‘The Flash’

According to an informant within Rolling Stone, he assures that Ezra Miller went through multiple “nervous breakdowns” during the recordings of ‘The Flash’, although he confirms that there were never any screams or violent acts by the actor. But they do mention that little by little the actor has been losing control of his actions, and he told the informant, “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

For now, Ezra Miller is still waiting for the final ruling on the restraining order for his actions, however, this is not the first time that the actor has been in controversy. In April 2020, some images circulated online showing Miller choking a woman in a bar, although the ‘Justice League’ star never commented.

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Now that Miller finished the recordings of ‘Fantastic Animals’ and ‘The Flash’ in 2020, Warner is considering continuity to continue working with the actor due to his erratic behavior in recent years. But this could only be the start of cancellations in his career.

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