Wentworth Miller shares he has autism diagnosis in Instagram post

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Wentworth Miller shares autism diagnosis in moving Instagram posting

Wentworth Miller revealed that he has autism.

The “Prison Break” star posted a blank white square on Instagram Tuesday, alongside a lengthy caption explaining that he received a formal diagnosis of autism a year ago.


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Miller, 49, said that it was “a long, complicated process in need to be updated.”

According to the Princeton graduate, he will “re-examine 5 decades of lived experience through a new lens.”

He continued, “Oh, this isn’t something that I’d change.” “No. “No. To everything I’ve achieved/articulated.

“Oh, – I also want (many) to thank the many (many!) people who consciously or inadvertently gave me that extra bit more grace + space over time, which allowed me to move through the world in a manner that made sense for me regardless of whether it made sense for them… Thank you.

“And to those who chose a different path… well. They will be themselves. Another gift.

Miller, who has been out of the public eye since 2013, is open about his mental health issues and how he attempted suicide as a teenager.

“Growing-up I was a target,” said he during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Gala 2013. “Speaking the correct way, standing the correct way, and holding your wrist the right direction are all important. Each day was a test, and there were many ways to fail. There are a thousand ways to present yourself as not living up to the standards of others.

He tried to kill himself multiple times because of the pressure.

He said, “I waited till my family went away for weekend and then I was alone in my house and I took a bottle of pills.” “I don’t recall what happened the next few days but I’m sure that Monday morning, I was riding the bus back to school pretending that everything was okay.”

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