Wentworth Season 9 Release Date: is not coming to Netflix in September 2021

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Wentworth season 9 is not coming to Netflix in September 2021

Wentworth season 9 is one of the most highly anticipated TV shows that is coming to Netflix in 2021. Unfortunately, the new season will be added on the streaming giant Netflix in the month of September 2021.

Netflix also shared the list of the new releases that are coming in September 2021 and Wentworth season 9 was not on the list. We were also not expecting to see Wentworth season 9 on Netflix in September, but it’s still a bummer it didn’t happen. Although Wentworth season 9 is not releasing on Netflix this month, we do have a very unique and good idea about the series release date on Netflix.

Wentworth season 9 Netflix 

The Wentworth season 9 release date on Netflix should be very soon announced in the upcoming weeks. We also think that Wentworth season 9 will be soon coming to Netflix in October 2021. But that too only if everyone goes according to the plan.

Wentworth season 9 premiered in August 2021 in Australia. this is the final season of the series. The past season of the series has always been added the day after the new season finale gets aired in Australia. So if the schedule holds, season 9 of Wentworth should be aired on Tuesday, October 26th. This means that we will see the series on Netflix on October 27th.

Wentworth season 9 is not coming to Netflix in September 2021
Image Source: BBC

Now after this, we can say that Netflix should announce the release date when it shares the New on Netflix October 2021 list. That list will probably arrive during mid-September month. So we will update you when it comes and we see the list.

There is also a chance that things can go tricky this time with Wentworth season being the one final season. Ultimately, I don’t think what will happen but it is something to keep in mind. Stay tuned for the Wentworth season 9 release date on Netflix. We will find out the other details very soon and will update it here. Till then stay connected with our website.

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