What does Granizo have that made it the most watched movie on Netflix?


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Movies nowadays travel a different path than they used to do until the appearance of platforms. In the new paradigm of the streaming era, many times there are films that become an event shortly after their premiere, and that little seems to matter how much criticism they receive: and their “plate” of being, for example, in the Top 10, seems to be enough for people to give it a try. And those criticisms that we mention do not only refer to the negative ones. There have been many films of undeniable quality that boosted their success by being among the most viewed or that, on the contrary, were never massive despite constant praise from specialists.

The dilemma is similar to that of the chicken and the egg, so it does not seem worth going into it much, but in each particular case.

A few days ago Granizo was released, an Argentine film directed by Marcos Carnevale and starring Guillermo Francella, a super star of cinema and TV in the country. Shortly after being available on Netflix, Hail became one of the trending titles on the platform. And as if that were not enough, in the weekly ranking it appeared as the most watched film on the platform.

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A key character in the story

However, its success was absolutely contrasted with the opinion of specialized critics, who almost unanimously criticized this film very harshly. Now, how much do these comments matter? Do they really influence the success of the film? What or how is it explained?

What is Granizo about?

The film tells the story of Miguel Flores (Francella), a renowned meteorologist who has never failed a forecast. However, on the day of the premiere of his own program, he fails to predict a hailstorm that causes much damage in Buenos Aires. In this way, he goes from hero to villain. Rejected by all, he flees to Córdoba, his hometown, to meet up with his daughter, with whom he has a very distant relationship.

The synopsis summarizes what happens in almost half of the film, which makes it somewhat boring, although some touches of humor typical of Guillermo Francella make it more bearable. Then it improves, making it a little more interesting, although it is still a very light film, almost to put in the background, since the details are not subtle at all.

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The critics were very harsh with the development of the film, without highlighting almost any element of it.

But it seems that they can do little with the advertising machinery of the big productions. Carnevale, the director, is a man with a recognized career on television and with other films that were well received at the box office but little praised. Another of those responsible for the film is the producer Axel Kuschevatzky, who was also part of great films such as El Secreto de la Ojos or El Ángel, among many others. And it seems that this tandem managed to install this film very effectively, with advertising moves that were conceived from the outset, such as the use of a well-known actor like Francella (the “star system” adapted to the current times), posters and advertising moves that showed the main actor, for example, preparing a typical drink from Córdoba, an Argentine province where part of the film takes place.


In this way, and enhanced by the ease of access that a person has to this film, everyone seems to give Granizo a chance, although many do not promise much. Perhaps this is also a point in favor, since it is more difficult to disappoint when little is expected.

Hail continues today at the top of movies on the Netflix platform. Time, as in many other cases, will put this film in the position that its quality deserves.

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