What Does it Take to Become an Online Game Developer?

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Unless you’re not interested in coding, most gamers dream of being an online game developer. However, the process of being an online game developer is a little more difficult than you may think, as you’ll need to learn several programming languages. It might take years of hard work and countless hours of coding using different concepts, but everything is worth the effort. 

What do Online Game Developers Do?

Whether it’s online casino games, console or mobile video games, gaming companies usually have a huge development team to address everything from game conceptualization to sales. The developers are responsible for coding the game once the designers come up with the concept, with drawings and game rules. That can be done using application program interfaces, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and different programming languages. 

As a developer, you can handle everything from online scratchcards, jackpot slots, or online bingo, to list a few. You can even develop online games intended for mobile gaming, although you must remain updated with the latest trends to enhance the gaming experience. 

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How to Become an Online Game Developer

The game development industry is a deadline-driven and high-pressure environment that requires hard work and long hours. Here’s how you can become an online game developer and start contributing to the creation of different immersive games. 

1. Get a Software Engineering/ Computer Science Degree

A degree in computer science or software engineering will make you stand out in front of your employers as you’ll be updated on industry standards and understand different coding languages. Even with plenty of talent and skills, a certification of the relevant program demonstrates extensive knowledge and also gives you a solid foundation in the field. It also gives you an edge when competing against an equally talented person. 

2. Understand the Process

Understanding the game development process from conceptualization to publishing is a crucial first step for any game developer. That’s because developing a game requires a lot of coordination with other staff in different departments, so it’s important to be aware of everyone’s duties. 

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3. Know your Computer Languages

Behind every video game you see online or offline, there is code running it. As such, programming languages are essential to software development as they’re responsible for dictating how the player interacts and experiences the gameplay. 

A well-written code offers a smooth and seamless gameplay experience, which is every game publisher’s main target. That’s gaming publishers must be familiar with the most popular game engines and be comfortable working with programming languages like Java, C, C++, and Python. 

4. Build a Portfolio

Developing your portfolio is the best way to become a fully-fledged online game developer. If you have the time and the software, create a prototype that showcases your technical skills and abilities. Your portfolio will also help you get hired by potential employers easily, including smaller companies looking for freelancers and upcoming developers in the market.

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