What happened between Criss Angel and Belinda?

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What happened between Criss Angel and Belinda?

The famous magician Criss Angel and Belinda had a romantic relationship between 2016 and 2017 , however what was really surprising was the fact that they confirmed their romance when the final break had taken place.

Belinda has undoubtedly been related to several boyfriends since she was 12 years old, but without a doubt one of the most controversial was with Criss Angel, with whom there was even lawsuits and defamation. But of course everything has a rosy start.

Criss Angel and Belinda met when the Mexican went to one of the magician’s shows in Las Vegas , later she appeared on the famous escapist and illusionist’s television program ‘Trick’d Up’ where you could clearly see the chemistry that existed.

For a year  both published photographs on their social networks where they were seen together and in which tender messages were exchanged. Although the romance was never confirmed 100%, but the connection between the two was evident, if there were even kisses!

But the surprise came in September 2017 when Criss confirmed his breakdown of the relationship Criss Angel and Belinda, this through his social network in which he wrote: “Do not listen to your heart, listen to your inner voice. I should have listened to her.”

Later Criss Angel posted: ” Love does not come with a price , honesty must always be there … That lesson cost me millions that enriched a true master of deception,” added the magician.

Criss Angel and Belinda’s tattoo

What happened between Criss Angel and Belinda?

The relationship between Criss Angel and Belinda had ended , but the Beli had left a mark on the magician not only in the heart but also in the skin. And it is that before Criss Angel announced the birth of his children and the return to his former wife, the magician classified the Mexican actress as an “opportunistic and interested” woman.

Even so, Criss Angel got the name “Beli” tattooed on his chest in cursive letters, when they were a couple, that’s where the supposed curse of Belinda tattoos was born.

Now if you wonder if Criss Angel still has this tattoo , the answer remains one can only speculate, because in 2019 when he promoted his show “Mindfreak”, he was seen shirtless and the tattoo that was suspected was digitally removed was missing.

For September of the same year, the illusionist shared a snapshot on Instagram with his chest uncovered but the area where the tattooed “Beli” was previously was covered with a tape.

So whether or not he still has it is a real mystery because, in addition, the magician does not share many photographs with his chest uncovered. But who could forget the “torrid” romance of Criss Angel and Belinda.

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