What happened to Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr surprises his fans with a new look


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It was way back in 2008 when Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man’ kicked off what is now known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or one of the most successful and profitable franchises of all time. The protagonist was a then unknown Robert Downey Jr., who now, at 57 years of age, has surprised his fans with a new look.

Through his social networks, the actor Robert Downey Jr., who gave life to Tony Stark for more than 10 years, and who said goodbye to his character in “Avengers: Endgame”, surprised his followers when he published some photos where he looks noticeably older and thinner than many remember them.

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Many of his followers on Instagram noticed Robert Downey Jr.’s physical change, as they remember him from Disney movies, and did not hesitate to comment on the “Sherlock Holmes” actor’s posts. And in the midst of criticism from some, the charisma that has always characterized the protagonist came to the fore.

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But what few followers of Rober Downey Jr. have is that this physical change is probably due to the fact that right now he is in the recordings of ‘Oppenheimer’, the new film by director Christopher Nolan, in which he will share credits with the protagonist of the ‘Peaky Blinders’ series, Cillian Murphy.

Robert Downey Jr. and ‘Oppenheimer’ by Christopher Nolan

In the ‘Oppenheimer’ story, Robert Downey Jr plays Lewis Strauss, the former United States Secretary of Commerce, who was a key player in the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist behind the Manhattan project, which gave as a result the first nuclear weapons, and who is considered the father of the atomic bomb.

A few weeks ago some photos were leaked from the recording set of Christopher Nolan’s new movie, where Robert Downey Jr. could be seen with those gray hairs and older appearance that has been seen in the latest photos on his social networks, and that have surprised fans who did not know the reason behind.

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In addition to them, ‘Oppenheimer’ will feature one of the biggest casts seen in recent years, such as Emily Blunt, Rami Malek, Gary Oldman, Kenneth Brannagh, among many others. This production is one of the biggest projects Robert Downey Jr. has worked on outside of what he has done at Marvel.

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