What Happened To Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Ex, Tawny Marie Chapman?

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We all have heard about this news of Dog because of Brian Laundrie but people are now more interested to know what actually happened with his ex-wife. We all know how the reality tv star and infamous bail bondsman Duane Dog Chapman has his way with the ladies. After all, he has been married five times and has fathered 12 children with almost six different women. We all know how he is no stranger to controversy, and this is the reason why Dog stirred up more drama in May 2020 when he announced his engagement to her girlfriend Francie Fane. In an interview with a media portal, Dog opened about his decision to propose to her girlfriend, he said:

“I need a partner,” he explained. “I’ve said it before. There will never be another Mrs. Dog. …If Beth was here and saw Francie and saw how she was raised, her morality and this and that, Beth would say, ‘Big daddy, don’t lose her.'”

Now, ever since the time the reality TV show Dog The Bounty Hunter premiered on our televisions in 2004, the actor has managed to stay in the spotlight always. When the series came to an end in 2012, Dog continued to be a topic of discussion on a semi-regular basis. Some of the people remain fascinated by him despite his controversies and that is due to his other aspects of Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Life that also includes his sizable net worth.

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Besides that, the Bounty Hunter’s personal fortune and the television past also bring out his outrageous love life. After all we know how Dog has been seriously involved with so many women that it quite seems like he falls in love and walks down the aisle in moments. While keeping in that mind, we have researched everything to look back on what went wrong between Dog and his ex-wife Tawny Marie Chapman.

Wild Romantic Love Stories of Dog

When the series Dog The Bounty Hunter came into the limelight it brought out two of his marriages and it received a lot of attention as well. This was the reality show that brought actually Dog to dame and viewers got to see his relationship with the woman who always looked like his forever love, Beth Chapman. Both of them were together for a very long time. Both dog and Beth walked down the aisle in 2006 and stayed together until she, unfortunately, passed away in 2019.

Although after Beth’s death people thought, Dog won’t be getting married again but roughly two years later he did marry again. Even though he adored Beth so much he moved on quickly and anyone who knows Dog will be aware that he is the type of person who never prefers to be single for long. At present, according to the records, Dog The Bounty Hunter has married six different women. Besides Beth and his current wide, Dog has walked down the aisle with Anne M.Tegnell, Tawny Marie, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, Lyssa Raw Brittain. Every time a marriage ended, Dog was involved in other serious relationships. Some news reports also say that he has proposed to many more women for the marriage but didn’t walk down the aisle with them.

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Dog’s Disastrous Marriage With Tawny

Duane Chapman’s fourth marriage was with Tawny marine Chapman. He describes this marriage as a disaster from the start. He met his ex-wife Tawny Marie Chapman when he arrested her for possession of an illicit substance. After taking Tawny into custody, Dog decided that he wanted to help her seek a new life so he hired her as his secretary, and before that, both of them had already become a couple.

He knew that it would be wrong to get involved with Tawny but he could not let go of his feeling and as a result, he married Tawny. However, inside his heart, he knew that marrying Tawny was a big mistake in his life. Both of them got married in 1992, separated in 1994, and finally got divorced in 2000. All these information pieces are based on what Dog shared about his relationship with her. In an interview, Dog said: “Truth be told, Beth and I were sleeping together the entire time I was married to Tawny and throughout her marriage to Keith.” Dog even claimed that Tawny Marie remained an addiction to amphetamines and it was one of the big reasons or you can say a problem for their married life.

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Will There Be A Sixth Time For Chapman?

In 2017, after Beth died, due to his grief he was admitted to the hospital as he had some breathing g issues. It could be due to his affection for his wife Beth. After that, he found solace with Moon Angell but he moved on from him and began dating Francie.

According to recent reports, the last girl he was found dating was Francie Frane whom he started dating in the year 2020. Both he and the Rancher lost their parents to cancer. He has also proposed to Francie for the marriage. He also gave a statement to a media portal about the proposal saying when you know you know. According to the reports, the pair is living very happily and are looking forward to soon walking down the aisle to live a long life together. It will be the sixth time when Chapman will be walking down the aisle with another love interest. Let’s see whether this goes for long or not, we really hope it does.

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