What Happened To The Girl In The Basement? Everything You Need To Know About Elisabeth Fritzl

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You might have heard of the Fritzl case that came in limelight in the year 2008. The news got highlighted when a lady with the name Elisabeth Fritzl told Austrian police that she was held captive for almost 24 years by her father, Josef Fritzl. She was a victim of a 24 year-long rape case by her own father. The story got discovered in the year 2008 and now people are wondering where is she now? how is her situation? Let’s discuss this case in detail and about her present situation and location.

Elisabeth’s father Josef used to assault her, abuse her sexually, verbally and even rape her many times when she was held captive in a concealed or basement area of her own home. This came as a result, Elisabeth had to give birth to almost seven babies out of which the three of them remained with their mother, and the rest were raised by Josef and his wife. The devastating truth came out after 24 years when she finally managed to escape the basement area where she was locked in for the past 24 years. With her courage to come out and report for his father, many other similar cases also came out.

Who Is Elisabeth Fritzl Or Girl In The Basement?

Elisabeth Fritzl is an Austrian woman who was born in the year 1966 to Rosemarie and Josef Fritzl. She has a total of 6 siblings that consists of 3 brothers and 3 sisters. According to the reports, Elisabeth was continuously abused and raped since she was 11 years old. After completing her schooling, Elisabeth started her preparation to become a waitress when she would turn 15.

What Happened To The Girl In The Basement? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Elisabeth Frtizl

After some time she ran away from her home in 1983 along with her friend in Vienna. She managed to hide for a few days but the police found her within 20 days and then returned her back to her parents. Later on, she rejoined a waitress course and completed the same to hack a job in the nearby city.

How She Ended Up Locked In The Basement?

The story dates back to the year 1984 when Josef Fritzl who is the father of Elizabeth asked her to assist him to refit a door in the basement of their home in Austria. No daughter could expect such intentions of her own father and went on down the stairs to help her father for the same. ALmost when she was just about to leave the place she was held over by a small piece of cloth that was soaked in ether and was put upon her mouth and nose.

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Elisabeth had of course no clue regarding the same and could not guess her father’s intention to lock her up as a sex slave. In fact, as per the reports, Josef Fritzl was planning to build underground prison for years and was trying to receive official permission from the authorities as well since the early 1970s. You might find it awkward but it was pretty normal during those days to build nuclear bunkers in the basement of the house so getting permission was not tough for her father.

In fact, Josef was given a grant of 2000 pounds by the local council for the prison building costs. There was some collection of doors that needed to be opened before reaching the cellar where he had planned to keep Elisabeth locked.  Elizabeth was just 18 when she was imprisoned in her home and she spent almost her entire young years in prison.

Elizabeth’s Life in the Basement For 24 Years

Elizabeth surely had to go through hell for the next 24 years as the most horrifying days of her that doesn’t were surely never-ending for her. She was forced to catch rats with bare hands, she had to stay in extremely hot weather conditions. In fact, she said in her statement that initially, her father tied her up with an iron chain in such a way that she could barely move. He then attached the chain around her waist. Now the chain was causing restrictions and trouble in the sexual activity, how removed it after a few months.

Her own father used to abuse her sexually and used to rape her multiple times a day for many years until she managed to escape in April 2008. According to the date, Josef raped Elizabeth almost 3000 times in those 24 years of captivity which also resulted in seven babies. The ugliest part of the story is that her own children had to witness her abuse as they are older. Three of the kids were with her in the basement and others appeared mysteriously at the residence of Josef Fritzl and his wife according to their planning.

What Happened To The Girl In The Basement? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Elisabeth Frtizl

Fritzl also planned other things by dictating letters to Elisabeth that she was dining and could not look after the kids. Her father would then post these letters from miles to his wife Rosemarie so she could feel that her daughter is fine. Elisabeth was feeling completely broken but she was consoling herself that the three kids outside are at least having a better life than the ones who are held captive with her in the basement.

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His father used to beat her regularly and also used to force her to re-enact scenes from different violent pornographic films. All these atrocities by her father left Elizabeth not only with serious physical injuries but some major psychological damage as well.

In her statement, she also unleashed that one of her children died prematurely in her arms in 1996 and Josef admitted that he burned the child’s body in an incinerator. Josef Fritzl also tried to defend himself during the legal trial and said in his statement that Elizabeth had a disturbing behavior and he kept her captive just to protect her from the outside world.

Elizabeth Babies Gave Her A Purpose Of Life

When Elizabeth gave birth to her babies it was quite horrifying for her in the beginning. She even tried to commit suicide but whenever she looked at her kids she got a purpose to live after. The scariest part is that she gave birth to all the babies without any medical help for almost 12 years. Josef used to provide her with a disinfectant and a dirty pair of scissors along with a book based on childbirth.

Josef Fritzl had even threatened to kill Elizabeth and her children if they ever tried to escape. According to an indictment order: He told them he had installed a system so that the doors would give them electric shocks if they tried to open them and that poison would be released into the cellar if they tried to escape, killing them all instantly.”

How Elizabeth Managed To Escape The Dark Imprisoned Basement Life?

Elisabeth’s deadly and scary imprisonment story came to an end when Kerstin her 19-year-old daughter needs urgent hospitalization. Joseph who never shown any mercy drove her to the hospital in his car. When the doctors were attending Kerstin they became quite suspicious after looking at her condition and alerted the police about the whole incident. There was also an appeal that was repeatedly broadcasted for the mother to come out so that they can get the necessary information if they want to save her life. Josef was growing old and saw his powers diminishing and found it difficult to maintain both families.

Now, he started to make up a plan as to how he can get rid of all this without any questions. So for the first time after 24 years, he told some stories to the doctors and police staff but they refused to believe in this part of the story. When Elisabeth was in the hospital she was then taken to a separate room away from her father where she intimidated her to charge child abuse case. After that Elisabeth told police officials that she will reveal everything about what his father did only at a cast that she would never see her father again.

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He told them he had installed a system so that the doors would give them electric shocks if they tried to open them and that poison would be released into the cellar if they tried to escape, killing them all instantly.”

Where is Elisabeth Fritzl now?

Elisabeth was just 18 when she was held captive and 42 when she escaped in 2008. The eldest one of her six children who survived needed hospitalization. As a result, her father was allowed to take the child to the hospital. But a suspicious note from her father left police perked and they discovered and rescued Elisabeth from the basement. Elisabeth along with her children was immediately sent to a state care village in Northern Austria where they were under therapy. She was granted a new identity and now lives with a new name along with her kids.

According to the reports she presently lives with her kids and all of her kids are now in the age of 17 to 35. Some of her kids experienced harsh mental damage due to the imprisonment and their recovery process took time. Her relationship with her mother Rosemarie has also now become smooth and has become closer than before.

Now, as far as his father’s Josef situation is concerned, he is held captive in Garsten Abbey Prison. He is suffering from Dementia and he has changed his name to Josef Mayrhoff because he did not want to reveal his real identity during his last days.

What Was The Film Based On The Similar Story?

Yes, there was a film named “Girl In The Basement” that was based on this particular true-crime incident of Elisabeth that drew great attention from the critics. The film portrays the story of a teenage girl Sara who is just 18 and desperate to leave her parent’s house. And her father is not willing to let her go so he kidnaps her and locks her up in the basement and abuses her for years.

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