What is fact and what fiction in The Warren File 3: Forced by the Demon?

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What is fact and what fiction in The Warren File 3: Forced by the Demon?

The Conjuring saga follows the marriage formed by Ed y Lorraine Warren through his investigations in the field of the paranormal. A series of inquiries which, as fans of the franchise already know, are based on real cases of supernatural events which the couple had to deal with.

However, and as is usual in the leap from real stories to the big screen, the events are narrated in a somewhat different from how they happened in real life to make your cases more attractive to viewers. This leads to many of the fans wonder what is true and what has been devised by Hollywood to terrify them every time a new installment of The Conjuring.

But the case of The Warren File: Forced By The Demon It is even more special in that sense, since the crime in which it is centered reached the courts with great commotion and media impact due to its singularities. A real case that was collected by Gerald Brittle in his book, The Devil in Connecticut.

Below we describe some events that occurred identically to how they are shown in the film, others that have been subtly modified and some more that have been completely created for fiction.


The movie shows how the first encounter between the youngest son of the Glatzel and the demon that theoretically possessed him It was while the old house was being cleaned that the family was going to move. This was also the case according to the story that those involved made in the real worldAlthough seeing that the paranormal phenomena continued, the Glatzel decided to move house, something that the film omits.


In the film, David is subjected by the Warrens and a group of priests to an exorcism during which, the demon that occupied the boy’s body passed to that of his sister’s boyfriend, Arne. According to witnesses, this actually happened, although there is no evidence that the entity caused Ed Warren to go into cardiac arrest before changing his body as the film relates.

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