What is Mirabel’s gift of Enchantment?


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Disney is always after big hits. On this occasion, he closed 2021 with a great success: it is Encanto, the film that was on everyone’s lips and became the favorite of many people.

Surely you have heard the song Bruno is not spoken of everywhere: social networks, radio, television and even at the Oscar Awards, where it was performed by the original cast and the film was nominated in three categories.

Without a doubt, the film had many successes in its history and characters that became unforgettable. The main one of all is Maribel, the only member of the family who does not have a gift. Or actually yes?

Charm: Maribel has a gift?

Encanto presents us with the story of a family that lives in a hidden mountain in Colombia. Each member lives in a magical house, which is lovingly called “little house.” The truth is that magic is not only part of said “little house”, but it is also present in each of the members of the family group. They all have a different gift and try to use it to help the citizens of the town.

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However, Maribel is the only one who has not received a gift. In this way, she becomes the protagonist of the story; especially when the magical house starts to go through various problems and she will have to solve the problem.

Throughout the Disney film, we see that at the age of five the girl tries to discover what her gift is. To do this, she carries on the family tradition and tries to open the “magic door”, which will grant her gift. But nothing happens, and she ends up being the one left out of her loved ones group.

Although many of us think that Maribel does not have a gift, the truth is that she is the only person who can save everyone. In this way, she becomes the “key” of the family and even of the magic of “little house”. That said, we could say that the miracle is herself. Encanto shows us that the protagonist is special for the simple fact of existing in the world. A very beautiful and moving message.

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Of course, fans have also come up with a lot of theories about it. Some say that Maribel really has a gift like each of her relatives, but being nervous and wiping her hands on her dress after touching the “magic door”, she made her powers disappear.

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