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Since last Monday, April 11, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been taking place, both are demanding defamation and abuse, respectively. Now, on the seventh day in court in Virginia, both actors were able to testify their position on what happened, and this is what was said in court.

It all happened because of an article by Amber Heard in The Washington Post, where he does not mention the name of Johnny Depp, but he sues for defamation by pointing it out as “domestic violence”. Since then, the actor has lost contracts with major production companies such as Disney and Warner Bros.

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Until now, the trial has left several statements and testimonies that could be definitive for the future of the case. On Amber Heard’s side, he lost the support of Eve Barlow, his best friend, while Johnny Depp’s doctor said he found a bloody finger of the actor after a strong fight with the ‘Aquaman’ actress.

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The trial process began with Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Benjamin Chew, saying: “This case shows how devastating words can be when they are false and spoken in public. Amber Heard forever changed Depp’s life and reputation and you will hear him recount what a terrible impact this had on his life.”

Amber Heard called Johnny Depp a “monster”

The response of Amber Heard’s lawyer, J. Benjamin Rottenborn, was: “You will see who the real Johnny Depp is, beyond the fame, beyond the pirate costumes. The bad choices of this man have brought him to this point, “concluded the legal representative of the actress.

The sixth day began with the testimony of Johnny Depp, who opened the conversation with: “If he tried to explain himself, and correct the misunderstanding, then it would start to increase, since Miss Heard could not be wrong. It just didn’t happen,” he said. “Degrading insults, scolding to make a fool of yourself. And that would turn into a full-scale discussion.”

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He told me many times that the monster was just me when I used drugs or alcohol, but even when I was sober the term “freak” was still there.

As Johnny Depp gave his testimony, Amber Heard jotted down words on her notes, laughing, and chatting with her lay team. The last revelation of the day was that the actress was apparently dating Kevin Nash, a former WWR fighter, while she was with Depp. This would be added to the alleged infidelities with Elon Musk, James Franco, Jason Momoa and Cara Delevigne.

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