What You Should Know About Organising a Family Camping Trip 

Jonny Hector

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If you spend week after week in a bustling city or trapped indoors, it is only natural to want to escape into the wilderness. However, if you have young children along for the ride, then you do have to be a bit more careful in planning your trip. Want to ensure that everyone has a great time? Here are the tips and tricks to pay attention to: 

Camp Near Public Facilities 

When camping with kids, it can be tricky to get your little ones to adapt to certain aspects of outdoor living. This is why it is a good idea to not go anywhere that is too remote. Set up your campsite that is relatively close to a public restroom, store, or restaurant. This way, you can use their facilities easily. 

Keep in mind, this is your children’s introduction to camping and you want it to be a fun experience for them. Don’t make them do anything that may make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. Instead, plan your trip and site so that there are a few creature comforts around. 

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Make Comfort a Priority 

On a similar note, when shopping around for outdoor camping equipment, look for various ways to make your kids comfy. If your little ones are quite young, then they will need to share a tent with you. Look for a very large tent with lots of room to spare. You may even want to get one with little individual rooms so that your kids can have their own setup. 

You may also want to consider air mattresses in addition to sleeping bags as children may not be great about sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Camping chairs and tables are great for setting up outside. This is especially true for having a slightly more structured mealtime. 

Pay Attention to the Menu

When choosing food to take along on your trip, look for ones that cook up quickly. When hungry, children can turn cranky and uncooperative quickly. Thus, it is best not to get them to wait. Go for anything that can be warmed up or cooked within a few minutes. 

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Another thing to keep in mind is to stock up on foods that your little ones will actually eat. You know their appetites best of all so try to stick to their favorites as closely as possible. After all, when you are in a remote destination, it can be tricky to get anything else to eat. So, limit your battles. 

Plan Out the Days 

In general, it is best to plan out as short of a camping trip as possible. Otherwise, your kids may be difficult to rein in after a while. Even if you are only spending a day or two outdoors, though, make sure to plan out the trip properly. 

There should be fun activities, games, and other tasks to keep your kids occupied. At the same time, make sure that they can wind down with a movie or a book when they get tired as well. 

These are the top tips to organizing a family camping trip and ensuring that everyone has a good time. So, make sure to stick to these guidelines! 

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