What’s Coming On Netflix This November 2021?

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This November, get ready to witness the most binge-able shows and movies on Amazon Prime Videos. So, here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming on Amazon Prime this November 2021. 

Amazon Prime Videos is the house of high-profile movies and series and this month the creators are dropping some of the most magnificent shows. Within the last few years, the streaming platform has gathered huge recognition due to its rich library of quality content. Due to the delays of covid-19, the official releases of many anticipated shows were shifted to 2021, and now it’s time for some big movies and series to make their official debuts. 

November will bring over 12 latest Amazon Originals. Among these 12, eleven are from the official list of new arrivals on Amazon. So, take a look at all the new shows and movies arriving this November on Amazon Prime. 

1 The Marksman 

All Amazon Prime fans, get ready to witness an edge of thrill and action in the latest show,” Marksman”. Liam Neeson continues his ventures as a prolific action hero leading men on his planet. At an age of 69, he is still up for his planet and ready to face a million hurdles. Liam’s latest action-packed show, “Marksman” highlights a Marine and Vietnam vet currently managing a ranch at the Mexican border. The responsibility to protect a Mexican boy soon turns down to his shoulder. 

2 Queenpins (November 26)

Starring the most entertaining actors from the industry, including Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Kristen Bell, and more, Queenpins is a crime drama with a pinch of comedy. It primarily revolves around a woman who tries her hands in scams involving coupon clipping, with the hope of making immense money. The rest of the ensembles include Paul Walters Hauser, Vince Vaughn, Joel McHale, and Bebe Rexha.

3 Tampa Baes 

Released on November 5, Tampa Baes is an eight-episode reality series that revolves around a bunch of LGBT+ friends as they highlight the amazing journey of their lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. With some most talented and refreshing faces, the show will surely grab good reviews from both critics and the audience. 

4 Soho Theatre Live S2

When it comes to top-notch comedy, Amazon Prime’s latest show stands out. Starring the finest comedians as they jump into the stage in Central London, “Soho Theatre Live S2” is one of the big projects Amazon. Some of the most popular names among the comedians featured are – Sindhu Vee, Nina Conti, Desiree Burch, and Catherine Bohart. 

5 Judy Justice (November 9)

After running Judy Justice for over 25 years on CBS Network, the creators are gearing up to shift it to Amazon Prime Videos. However, this time it’s even flashier and stylish to offer the fans an edge of entertainment. 

6 Curse of the Chippendales (November 12)

Curse of the Chippendales delivers an in-depth analysis of the 1980s dance troupe titled their racy, all-male routines, through the eyes of an analyst. It’s a true-crime drama that points out some of the darker elements of history, including the mysterious deaths and murders. 

7 Always Jane (November 12)

Always Jane is a four-part docu-series that revolves around the pivotal time in the model and transgender, Jane Nourney’s life. It focuses on her family and incredibly sketches the story of her struggles in life. 

8 Mayor Pete 

Mayor Pete is one of the upcoming shows on Amazon Prime that features Pete Buttigieg, a youngster trying his best to grab the seat of the U.S. President. It’s basically a documentary, which highlights Pete’s journey as the first LGBTQ candidate in the Cabinet members in US History. 

9 The Wheel Of Time (November 19)

It’s one of the major releases this year on Amazon Prime Videos. “The Wheel of Time” is one of the most anticipated shows on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a fantasy drama series curated by Robert Jordan. The series is based on his first book. The show is set for an official release on November 19 on Amazon Prime Videos and will be exclusively available for the prime members. 

You can check out the official trailer of “The Wheel of Time” below – 

10 Everybody Loves Natti (November 19)

November 19 is surely the date most Amazon Prime members can’t miss out on as the platform will drop some sensational shows on this day. Amazon Prime has already an incredible library of documentaries and Everybody Loves Natti is coming up to elevate its stardom. The story revolves around Natti Natasha, a Latin singer who changed the music scene and grabbed millions of views across social media platforms. So, for the first time, we will get a sneak peek into her personal life in Everybody Loves Natti. 

11 Hanna (November 24)

The third, much-awaited season of Hanna will be dropping on November 24. The plot of Season 3 picks up where the second season left us. Hanna and Marissa are on a mission to bring down Utrax from inside. However, soon the terrifying scope of operation will be revealed. 

12 Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus (November 24)

If you are hunting for the most entertaining as well as an educative show for your child, this is the one. It’s officially the time for the leisure days in Beebopsburgh and Mi, Do and Re are heading towards the Music Mountain to gather some snow and bring it back to their friends. Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus will drop on November 24 on Amazon Prime Videos. 

13 Anni da Cane (Dog Years) (November 26)

The story focuses on a clumsy yet imaginative youngster, Stella. After she engages in a deadly car accident with her dog, she decides to count her age in terms of dog years, which implies that when Stella turns 16, she is actually 100 in age. So, she has a long way to go, and she needs to fulfill every dream on her bucket list before her time runs out. It’s a pretty impressive and refreshing plot for the fans and it will debut on November 26. 

14 Burning (November 29)

Amazon Prime has delivered some of the most astonishing documentaries and “Burning” is one more. Featuring the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires, the story brings us an edge of thrill. It’s a terrible situation that continued to extend due to the sudden climatic changes. All prime members can stream it on Monday, November 29. 

So, here is the complete list of Amazon Original shows landing this November. Comment down below, which one you are eager to watch and make sure to follow our site for more interesting content. 


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